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If you have wandered long enough around the named locations in Rust, you might have picked up a barrel of diesel fuel here and there.

These black, scary-looking barrels have special uses that won’t usually be important in your base. Their main uses are at other monuments.

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The only thing you can do with diesel fuel in Rust is use them to power excavators, pump jacks, and quarries.

If you would also like to know exactly how to use it and what these three pieces of machinery do, you can find that information below.

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What to Do with Diesel Fuel in Rust

The only things that you can power with diesel fuel in Rust are the:

  • Giant Excavator
  • Mining Quarries
  • Pump Jack

Each one of these types of machinery needs around 30 diesel fuel per hour to function. They all will mass produce some of the most important resources in Rust.

All of these machines will have a blue barrel or two at their base where you can place the diesel fuel to give them power.

Giant Excavator

The excavator can be found at the Giant Excavator Pit monument. It can be used to mine all the types of resources you can mine in the game (stone, high quality metal, and sulfur).

For one barrel of diesel fuel, you can get 100 HQM, 2k sulfur ore, 5k metal fragments, and 10k stone in 2 minutes. However, you will have to kill all the scientists at the location and also prepare for the occasional player raids.

The location also emits low levels of radiation, so you will need to wear at least some type of clothing before trying to use this machine.

Mining Quarries

The mining quarries scattered across the map are the most likely places where you will use diesel fuel in Rust.

There are three types of quarries you can find and use in Rust, the HQM quarry, stone quarry, and sulfur quarry.

Each one of them will usually spawn in the same type of terrain on every map. They are also accessible to any player, as long as someone doesn’t surround them with walls.

The mining quarries are usually safe. But there will be a lot of player bases or outposts next to them, so be careful when using one.

Pump Jack

The pump jack is the only machinery that doesn’t have a special named location that only holds it. There are more pump jacks spread around the map, and they all spawn next to the Power Plant, Train Yard, and Water Treatment monuments.

The pump jack works the same as the quarries, and its yield resource is crude oil and low grade fuel. Players can get 60 crude oil and 170 low grade fuel from the pump jack per diesel fuel barrel.

That’s everything you need to know about diesel fuel uses in Rust!

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