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So, you’ve put down the foundation, some walls, and a tool cupboard in Rust to build your starter base.

Now that you’ve gotten past this part, you will need to learn what you are supposed to do next. There are many resources that you found that you don’t know what to do with.

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There are too many things in the crafting menu, and there is no clear progression between them.

In this guide, we will show you exactly what to do after building your base in Rust. You will need to build some vital items, such as the furnace, metal doors, a workbench, and a research table.

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What to Do After Building Your Base in Rust

If you’ve put down stone foundations, walls, wooden doors, a bed, and a TC (tool cupboard), then you’ve officially built your starter base in Rust.

Now there are a few things you will need to do before you even consider logging out of the game.

Craft a Furnace

The first goal of every player in Rust after building a base is crafting a furnace. You will need to slowly evolve everything in your base to metal, and you won’t be able to do this without a furnace.

To make a furnace in Rust, you will need 200 stone, 100 wood, and 50 low grade fuel. The first two should be easy, considering that you just used thousands of stones and wood to make the base.

However, low grade fuel is another deal. There are a few ways to get low grade fuel in Rust, but the best way is to hunt animals for fat and cloth. You can craft 1 low grade fuel with 1 cloth and 3 animal fat.

Since hunting can take a long time, your best strategy would be running along the roads, looting all red barrels, and keeping an eye out for animals. Red barrels always hold around 5 to 9 low grade fuel in them.

You should also open up all the crates and break down the barrels since you can get items that either hold low grade fuel in them or items that can be recycled for LGF. Items such as the Tuna Can Lamp hold around 5 low grade fuel in them when found and can also be recycled for another 5.

Once you get your hands on enough low grade fuel, head back to your Rust base and craft your first furnace. If you manage to get more than 50 low grade fuel on your adventures, try to make more than one furnace, as they will be extremely useful.

Place all your metal or sulfur ores inside the furnace, along with some wood, and get started making the next-level materials you need.

Craft Metal Doors

Wooden doors are a joke in Rust. Any player can bring them down in minutes if they wished. This is why you will need only metal doors for your base.

So, with the help of the newly made furnace, start getting metal fragments. Just placing metal ore inside the furnace with some wood will get the job started.

To make a metal door, you need to go into the crafting menu and find the “Sheet Metal Door.” You will need 150 metal fragments per door. Luckily, it is easy to remove doors and replace them in Rust.

Craft a Workbench

The basic tools that you will usually use in Rust are the hatchet and pickaxe. However, you can’t make these vital tools without a workbench level 1.

To make a workbench in Rust, you will need 500 wood, 100 metal fragments, and 50 scrap. There are three different workbenches in Rust, levels 1, 2, and 3.

Right now, you will have to start with the level 1 workbench and slowly progress to the better ones. Once you’ve placed the workbench, you can interact with it to see what new items you can craft.

Press the “Open Tech Tree” button to see everything that you can craft and that you can learn to craft. To learn how to craft new items, just select them and pay the necessary scrap price to unlock them.

To craft special items that need workbenches, just open the crafting menu while standing in front of the workbench, and you will see that you can now make those items. The “Workbench Level 1 Required” warning will now be green, meaning you can craft those tools or items.

Craft a Research Table

In Rust, you don’t know how to craft most of the items that you can find on the map. Luckily, with the research table, you can start learning.

If you find a special item, for example, a bullet, and you don’t have it in your crafting menu, it means that you will need to research it first to get its blueprint.

To do this, you will need to craft the research table at the workbench. Making it will cost you 200 metal fragments and 20 scrap.

Place the research bench in your base and interact with it. In the upper slot, you can place the items that you want to research, and in the lower slot, you will have to impute scraps.

Each blueprint you want to learn will require a set amount of scraps. You can see how much a blueprint costs by placing the item you want to replicate in the upper slot.

Your goal will now turn from surviving to thriving. Having all of these items in your base will allow you to build the best possible equipment and the most resistant base in Rust.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do after building your base in Rust!

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