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Rust is a dangerous survival PvP game where you will never get a chance to take a breath. Everyone and everything will try to kill you all the time.

However, as you spend time preparing for an inevitable raid on your base, you will need to figure out how to make everything look good when they come knocking.

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Making sure that your walls don’t have the soft side on the outside and that your chests don’t occupy too much space is a must.

You can easily rotate boxes and walls when you are placing them by pressing R on your keyboard. Unfortunately, there is no way to rotate boxes in Rust that have already been placed without picking them up or walls without upgrading them first.

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How to Rotate Boxes in Rust

If you’ve just made wooden boxes in Rust and just want to place them, select them in your hotbar and press R to rotate them. You can only rotate them 90° clockwise, though.

However, if you’ve already placed down boxes and want to rotate them, you will need to first pick it up. You just need to get close to the box and hold down the “Use” button (E on the keyboard) to pick it up.

Now, follow the previous instructions to rotate it and place it where you want to. Also, make sure to get everything you need out of the box before picking it up.

Every time you pick up a box in Rust, it will lose a fourth of its durability. Luckily, you can fix it by hitting it with your hammer while holding metal fragments and wood in the inventory.

If you want to place the box at weird angles, just move your character around, as the box will always face you perpendicularly.

How to Rotate Walls in Rust

Rotating walls work similarly to boxes. To rotate walls in Rust, you will need to have them in your inventory, equip them in the hotbar, and press R.

Once you’ve placed the wall down, you have another 10 minutes to rotate it. Just approach the wall with the hammer in hand, hold down the right mouse button, and select the Rotate option.

After 10 minutes have passed, you will lose the option, and you won’t be able to rotate the wall unless you upgrade it. If you upgrade a wall in Rust, you will create the 10-minute timer again that will allow you to rotate the wall.

So, if you want to rotate a wall and don’t want to bring it down, you will need to upgrade it first. This means that there is no way to rotate armored walls if the original 10 minutes to rotate them have passed. You will have to destroy them if they are facing the wrong way.

That’s everything you need to know about how to rotate boxes and walls in Rust!

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