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Rust is a survival PvP game where players will more likely than not have to fight each other. Even if you want to try to avoid battles, it is generally impossible on populated servers.

So, due to this problem, you will likely have to destroy or demolish an enemy wall or two in Rust to get inside and steal some amazing loot.

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However, depending on the type of walls your enemies use, you will either need a stick or a bazooka with 10 rockets.

In general, to demolish enemy walls in Rust, you will need explosives, such as C4, rockets, and explosive ammo.

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How to Destroy Enemy Walls in Rust Using Explosives

The best way to destroy enemy walls in Rust is by using explosives. There are around 7 types of explosives that you can use throughout a Rust server’s timeline, depending on how long since the wipe it has been.

Here are all the explosives that you can use in Rust to destroy enemy walls, ordered from the weakest to the most powerful:

  • F1 Grenade
  • Survey Charge
  • Beancan Grenade
  • High Velocity Rocket
  • Satchel Charge
  • Rocket
  • Timed Explosive Charge

Usually, you will just have to use a few high quality explosives to bring down an enemy wall. If you are on the first day after a wipe, Beancan Grenades are usually enough to get through anyone’s walls. It all depends on what type of walls they have and how strong they are.

There are only a few types of walls in Rust:

  • Twig Walls – 10 HP
  • Wood Walls – 250 HP
  • Stone Walls – 500 HP
  • Sheet Metal Walls – 1000 HP
  • Armored Walls – 2000 HP

For twig/wood walls, players should be able to get through without using any explosives. You can generally break these down just by burning them. So, a few Molotov cocktails and some attacks from a melee weapon should be more than enough to bring these down.

Unfortunately, stone, sheet metal, and armored walls are much more resistant. If you want to bring them down you will either have to use Satchel Charges, Rockets, and C4 (Timed Explosive Charge).

Stone Walls

When it comes to stone walls, you can use the weaker variant of all of these explosives and use the Satchel Charges. You won’t need that many.

Sheet Metal and Armored Walls

For these incredibly strong walls will require either rockets or C4. Though rockets are easier to use, you will need a lot more than C4s to destroy the Rust enemy walls.

Should You Target Walls or Doors in Rust?

One thing that many Rust players need to consider when attacking a base is if they need to demolish the walls or the doors of their enemies.

In general, you should always try to destroy doors, as they are much easier to demolish compared to walls. One thing you should be careful about when targeting doors is that they can sometimes be used just to make you confused in a complex honeycomb.

Luckily, most small teams can’t afford so many doors that they can make a labyrinth for raiders, so just target doors when trying to steal someone’s loot.

Should You Target Walls or Foundations in Rust?

Another dilemma that some players might face when attacking enemy bases in Rust is if the foundation of the base is weaker than the walls.

Well, the soft side of the foundation is the floor, while the base of the foundation is incredibly resistant.

This is why attacking the foundation isn’t really a good choice unless it is made out of a weaker material than the wall. So, you should always attack walls unless the foundation is made out of wood.

That’s everything you need to know about how to demolish enemy walls in Rust!

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