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Cloth is one of the most important resources in Rust. The best way to get this amazing material is by harvesting Hemp. However, this plant is not easy to find, and you will have to go looking around the island a lot to get it.

As you look all over the map for Hemp, you might start wondering if there is some system as to how they are scattered across the map. If it would be as easy to find Hemp as it would be to find Pumpkins and Corn, then getting Cloth would be a breeze.

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Is there a way you can find Hemp easily in Rust without having to walk all over the map looking at the ground? Well, there is no simple answer.

You can usually find Hemp in Rust near forests, in the temperate biome, and in random spots in the desert biome. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly where you will find Hemp.

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Where to Find Hemp in Rust

The best place you can look for Hemp in Rust and actually find it is in the green areas, surrounded by trees. Forests usually have spots where a few Hemp plants grow that you can loot. Still, it will not be easy to find them, as they can blend well between all the tall grass.

In general, you will not be the only player looking for Hemp plants in Rust. This is why it would be best to look for Hemp in areas that aren’t close to monuments and roads.

Unfortunately, other players usually frequent those areas. You can often find spots where Hemp would normally grow and find nothing since they have already been looted by those players.

There are also spots in the desert biome where you can find some hemp plants growing. However, you should usually harvest cacti if you want Cloth in the desert rather than look around for Hemp.

Once you find some Hemp and get a few Hemp Seeds, make sure to keep them and plant them. The best place to find Hemp in Rust is in your own planter.

If you can get a few seeds and get started on making your own garden, then you won’t have to worry about getting Cloth from wild Hemp plants.

If you have fences surrounding your base, you can also be lazy and just plant some Hemp Seeds outside, as you won’t have to water them or give them fertilizer.

Though you won’t have much control, it is much easier to grow plants outside on the ground than in a planter.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Hemp in Rust!

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