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The Jackhammer in Rust is the best tool for gathering ores and stones. Not only does it get 100% of the resources from nodes, but it also does it faster than any other tool.

Compared to the Chainsaw, which uses Low Grade Fuel to work, the Jackhammer doesn’t require any type of fuel. Once you get it, you can instantly start using it. The only problem that the Jackhammer faces is durability loss.

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Since the Jackhammer is such an amazing tool in Rust, the developers have made it relatively rare. You won’t be able to find a Jackhammer anywhere. However, with enough patience, you should be able to get one.

To get a Jackhammer in Rust, you will either have to loot it from a Supply Drop, get it from the Dive Master’s mission in the Fishing Village, or buy it from the Outpost for Scrap x150.

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How to Get a Jackhammer in Rust

There are three ways to get a Jackhammer in Rust:

  • Loot it from a Supply Drop
  • Receive it as a Mission Reward
  • Purchase it for Scrap

Where to Loot the Jackhammer in Rust

Though we only mentioned the Supply Drop, there are actually 4 different crates that can yield a Jackhammer as loot in Rust:

  • Sunken Crate
  • Supply Drop
  • Tool Box
  • Underwater Lab Tool Box

However, the problem with the other boxes and crates is that they only have a 1% chance of giving you a Jackhammer. The Supply Drop, on the other hand, has a 14% chance of having a Jackhammer inside.

Unfortunately, you will likely see one or two Supply Drops in your whole Rust career, as they drop from cargo planes that rarely fly over the island.

Players will also flock to the Supply Drops, giving you a small window to actually loot them.

So, if you want a consistent method to get the Jackhammer as a loot item, then the Sunken Crates might be your best choice. Players can find a lot of Sunken Crates if they like spending time on the water with diving gear.

Otherwise, if you are relatively early game, you should just loot the Tool Boxes that are scattered near the roads of the island.

Jackhammer Mission Reward

The Dive Master NPC at either of the Fishing Villages can give you a quest called Shark Hunt. In this quest, you will have to dive underwater and kill one single shark.

If you do this successfully, you will get a Jackhammer and Medical Syringe x3 from the Dive Master once you are back.

This is a very simple mission that can easily get you a Jackhammer right from the start of the game.

Players that fulfill most of the missions at the Fishing Village will likely have all they will ever need to survive on the water in Rust.

Where to Buy a Jackhammer in Rust

If you don’t want to look for rare tools in all the crates in the game, or you don’t want to hunt sharks, you can also buy the Jackhammer in Rust for a decent price at the Outpost.

The Tools & Stuff vending machine will sell the Jackhammer for Scrap x150.

It is the most expensive tool in the shop, but it is generally worth it. Considering how easily you can get 150 Scrap, this is an amazing bargain.

Tips for Using the Jackhammer in Rust

The Jackhammer works off of durability alone. This means that you will have to take care of it if you don’t want to buy a new one every other day.

One thing you should be careful of when mining nodes using the Jackhammer is that you can accidentally hit the ground after the node is destroyed.

This will result in the tool losing durability without actually giving you any resources.

Though you can fix the Jackhammer at the Repair Bench, you should always refill it at the Workbench. The game even states this in the item’s description.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Jackhammer in Rust!

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