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In Rust, armor is extremely important. In many encounters with players and scientists alike, the armor you wear can decide if you die from one shot or two. Though it might sound like that isn’t a huge difference, it will usually give you enough time to finish your opponent off.

To craft most of the better armor in Rust, you will need a lot of Leather. All of the Roadsign armor requires Leather, and the mighty Metal Chest Plate also needs Leather x50.

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Unfortunately, most players only know that you can get Leather from animals. This information is usually not enough to actually help you get Leather, as you won’t know where these animals actually spawn.

To get Leather in Rust, you will either need to go looking for animals to hunt and skin them using a Knife or buy Tactical Gloves for Scrap and recycle them.

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How to Get Leather in Rust

There are two ways to get Leather in Rust:

  • Skin Animals
  • Recycle Tactical Gloves

Where to Find Animals to Skin for Leather?

The most popular method to get Leather in Rust is to kill and skin animals. Though this might seem very inefficient once you learn the other method, it is a decent way to start when you have nothing in your inventory.

The best tool to use to harvest Leather from animals is the Bone Knife, as you can easily make it right from the start of the game and it is as efficient as the Combat Knife.

There is no simple way to find animals in Rust. Unfortunately, they don’t have some established gathering zones or spawn locations.

If you want to find animals, you will have to aimlessly walk around the map, away from roads, and hope that one of them jumps in front of you.

You can also use a boat to go around the shore of the island and look for animals quickly that are close to the water.

The only items that you should bring with you are a Crossbow, Bone Knife, Building Plan, and some wood. You will need the Building Plan to quickly build a foundation, so that dangerous animals, such as the bear, can’t reach you.

Here are the animals that you can hunt in Rust, and the amount of Leather you will get from them if you use the Knife to skin them:

  • Polar Bear – 125 Leather
  • Bear – 100 Leather
  • Wolf – 75 Leather
  • Horse – 50 Leather
  • Stag – 50 Leather
  • Shark – 40 Leather
  • Boar – 20 Leather

Since the Polar Bear is one of the only animals that spawn in the Snow biome, you should go looking for them if you want a lot of Leather. They are the best source of Leather in Rust, and they are relatively easy to find in their biome.

Recycle Tactical Gloves for Leather

The best item that you can buy in Rust is the Tactical Gloves. They are for sale at the Outpost, at the Output Outfitters vendor, for Scrap x40 a piece.

After you’ve bought the Tactical Gloves, you can immediately recycle them for Leather x10 and Sewing Kit x5.

This means that you can practically buy 10 Leather with 40 Scrap, and also get some extra Cloth on top of it.

If you are at a point in the game where wandering around the island to look for animals might be a huge waste of time, then purchasing Leather directly from the Outpost might be the best way to get Leather in Rust.

All Items You Can Craft Using Leather in Rust

Since we helped you get Leather in Rust, we might as well show you everything you can craft using this resource.

Here is a list of all the items you can craft using Leather in Rust, ordered by the amount of Leather needed:

  • Hide Boots – 10 Leather Needed
  • Hide Halterneck – 10 Leather Needed
  • Hide Pants – 10 Leather Needed
  • Hide Skirt – 10 Leather Needed
  • Hide Vest – 10 Leather Needed
  • Road Sign Kilt – 10 Leather Needed
  • Hide Poncho – 15 Leather Needed
  • Boots – 20 Leather Needed
  • Leather Gloves – 20 Leather Needed
  • Road Sign Jacket – 20 Leather Needed
  • Roadsign Gloves – 20 Leather Needed
  • Rug Bear Skin – 20 Leather Needed
  • Saddle bag – 20 Leather Needed
  • Metal Chest Plate – 50 Leather Needed
  • Metal Facemask – 50 Leather Needed

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Leather in Rust!

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