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Rust is a very hard survival game where most new players will just get confused by everything that is happening around them. One of the most important aspects of the game is Blueprints, which most noobs would have no idea what are or how to get them.

All the items in Rust that you can craft have a Blueprint. There are some items that players will know how to craft by default, but other than those, you will need to learn Blueprints to craft higher-tier equipment.

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Once you know the Blueprint of an item, you can craft it at its corresponding Workbench. Luckily, there are two ways to get and learn Blueprints in Rust.

The basic way that most players use to get Blueprints is by placing items inside the Research Bench and using Scrap to get the Blueprint for that item. You can also get Blueprints randomly in the world while scavenging, and you can learn Blueprints at the Workbench for Scrap.

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How to Get Blueprints in Rust

There are four ways players can get Blueprints in Rust:

  • Tech Tree in Workbench
  • Research Bench
  • Loot
  • Buy

Workbench Tech Tree

The way you are supposed to learn Blueprints in Rust is by going through the tech tree inside the Workbench.

You will have to slowly pay a lot of Scrap to learn all of the possible items’ Blueprints that you can craft at a Workbench.

This method can be incredibly slow and almost impossible for solo players, as they will never get to properly learn the Blueprints for the level 3 Workbench before a server wipe.

These are the amounts of Scrap you will need to invest in all of the Workbenches to learn all of the Blueprints in Rust:

  • Workbench level 1 – 4690 Scrap
  • Workbench level 2 – 11040 Scrap
  • Workbench level 3 – 6225 Scrap

Though you can learn how to craft all of the recipes in Rust using this method, you will also have to learn a lot of useless Blueprints that you will probably never use just to get to the ones you actually want.

Using the Research Bench

The most common way to get Blueprints in Rust is to use the Research Bench. This facility that you can build inside your base at any time will allow you to get the Blueprints for items that you have in your inventory.

For example, you won’t naturally know how to craft an AK. Even if you get the level 3 Workbench, you will have to invest thousands in Scrap to learn how to craft the AK.

However, if you manage to get your hands on one, you can place it inside the Research Bench and get its Blueprint for 500 Scrap.

After waiting for a few seconds, you can pick up the Blueprint from the Research Bench and learn the recipe. This is a great way to learn new Blueprints, as you won’t have to invest a lot of time and effort going through the tech tree inside the Workbench.

Still, the Scrap price is the same one you would use to learn a Blueprint at the Workbench, but you won’t have to learn any other unnecessary recipes to get there. However, you will lose the original item that you just researched, which can be annoying.

Loot Blueprints

There is a small, random chance that you will get Blueprints by destroying water barrels and basic loot crates. However, this is extremely unreliable. You should usually not rely on doing your Blueprint research in Rust by looting.

Buy Blueprints

The last method that is actually very efficient is to buy Blueprints. Most players know that Blueprints make the world go round in Rust. This is why many of them will actually sell Blueprints at vendors all over the island.

You should always check out the map to see what other players are selling either at their base or at the Outpost. If you are lucky, you can get Blueprints without having to do any real research.

However, don’t pay more than should be normal for a Blueprint, as most players will try to rip you off.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Blueprints in Rust!

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