Rust – How to Destroy Armored Door: How Many Satchels, Rockets, or C4?

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Usually, every time you raid someone, you will try to bring down their doors. The doors are less resistant than walls, and they require fewer resources to destroy.

Thus, as long as they don’t have a honeycomb base, you will only need to destroy, in the worst-case scenario, a few armored doors.

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But armored doors have a lot of Health, 1k to be exact, and you can’t bring that down without powerful explosives.

So, in this guide, we will tell you exactly how many satchels, rockets, and C4 you will need to use to destroy an armored door in Rust.

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How Many Satchels to Destroy an Armored Door in Rust

At the start of the game, you are likely to use satchel charges very often. They are available relatively fast, needing only a level 1 workbench.

A single satchel will deal 61 damage to an armored door in Rust. Considering the door has 1k health, this is a relatively low number.

So, you will need 17 satchels to destroy an armored door in Rust. That means you will need 8.16k sulfur to bring down a single door.

Using this explosive is not necessarily a horrible idea, but players in the base will have enough time to kill you a million times before you throw 17 satchels. Also, since players usually have at least 2 doors to go through, you will need at least 34 satchels with you on a raid.

Also, you don’t need to use 17 to destroy an armored door. You can also use only 16 and get the rest of the health (24 HP) with a different tool or weapon.

How Many Rockets to Destroy an Armored Door in Rust

Rockets are the go-to weapon for raids due to their long-range and splash damage. They deal a lot of damage to structures, and they will usually kill players in one shot.

A single rocket from the rocket launcher will deal 220 damage to an armored door. With only 1k HP, the door will not stand a chance after a few shots.

To destroy an armored door with rockets in Rust, you will need 5 rockets. To make this many rockets, you will need 7k sulfur.

Just 5 rockets is an incredibly good number, as you can easily prepare this many rockets. Your only problem might be getting shot while reloading.

How Many C4 to Destroy an Armored Door in Rust

If you like getting really close to the bases of players and also dealing absurd amounts of damage, then the C4 (timed explosive charge) is the weapon for you.

A single C4 charge will deal 440 damage to the armored door. So, you will deal almost half the health of the door with a single charge.

So this means that you will need 3 C4 charges to destroy an armored door in Rust. To make 3 C4 charges, you will need 6.6k sulfur. Though C4 charges are more expensive than rockets, they get the job done faster. They are also less expensive when trying to destroy walls as well.

That’s everything you need to know about how many satchels, rockets, or c4 do you need to destroy armored walls in Rust!

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