Rust – How to Destroy Armored Walls: How Many Satchels, Rockets, or C4?

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Armored walls and doors are the best possible defensive structures you can get in Rust. They have a really high amount of HP, and not any tool or weapon can properly damage them.

These monsters can only be destroyed with the help of explosives. However, there are quite a few choices when it comes to explosives in Rust.

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In general, the best explosives throughout a Rust playthrough are the satchel charges, rockets, and timed explosive charges (C4).

So, in this guide, we will tell you exactly how many satchels, rockets, and C4 you will need to use to destroy armored walls in Rust.

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How Many Satchels to Destroy Armored Walls in Rust

The weakest explosive of the bunch is the satchel charge. This weapon is extremely useful in the early game, as it can destroy most low-level doors and walls. However, is it good enough for the armored walls?

A single satchel will deal 38 damage to an armored wall in Rust. A single armored wall has 2k HP.

So, you will need 53 satchels to destroy an armored wall in Rust. That means you will need 25.44k sulfur to bring down a single wall.

This can be a huge waste of time, as you would be better off either evolving your base and getting some of the better explosives than wasting time with the unreliable and inefficient satchel.

How Many Rockets to Destroy Armored Walls in Rust

The rockets are an amazing tool for bringing down walls in Rust. Since they deal splash damage every time a rocket hits something, you can also destroy the adjacent structures.

A single rocket from the rocket launcher will deal 137 damage to an armored wall. Considering that the wall has 2k HP, that is pretty good.

To destroy an armored wall with rockets in Rust, you will need 15 rockets. To make this many rockets, you will need 21k sulfur.

If you were to compare this with the satchel, you would realize that even the amount of sulfur needed is better for the rockets. With 15 rockets, you can also deal a lot of damage to any close structures, allowing you to fully destroy anything in the way.

How Many C4 to Destroy Armored Walls in Rust

The C4 is the most powerful explosive if you want to just damage a single target. It doesn’t deal splash damage, as the rocket, but it deals higher damage to the structure.

A single C4 charge will deal 275 damage to the armored wall. With 2k HP, you will need 8 C4 charges to destroy an armored wall in Rust.

To make 8 C4 charges, you will need 17.6k sulfur. This means that the C4 charges are the least expensive if you consider your need to destroy armored walls.

You can also use only 7 C4 charges to damage the wall since it will be left with 75 HP. You can either use explosive charges or other tools to bring down the rest of the HP and keep those resources for another armored wall.

That’s everything you need to know about how many satchels, rockets, or c4 you need to destroy armored walls in Rust!

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