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One of the most common problems that players have in Rust is that they get killed by a scientist, animal, or player and end up losing all of their hard-earned loot. Unfortunately, this happens because the loot despawns before they can get to it.

If you actually knew how long it took for loot to disappear, you might actually know if you should head back for your stuff or just give up on it.

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Well, unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Some might say that it takes a few minutes, while others will tell you that it can take up to an hour.

It can take from 5 to 60 minutes for loot to despawn in Rust, depending on the quality of the loot.

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How Long Does Loot Take to Despawn in Rust

In general, loot in Rust takes at least 5 minutes to despawn on an official server. Depending on the type of loot inside the sack, it will take longer and longer for the bag to despawn, reaching a maximum of 60 minutes.

So, for example, if you only had a torch and a stone on you, the basic resources you have at the start of spawn, the bag will take 5 minutes to despawn.

However, if you just had full early game armor on you, for example, wooden armor, and some basic tools, that bag should take around 20 minutes to despawn.

If you think about your loot being based on price in scraps and quality in Workbench levels, you can relatively figure out how long it will take for that bag to disappear. Here is how long loot takes to despawn in Rust based on the quality of the items:

  • Basic Loot – 5 minutes
  • Workbench Level 1 Quality Loot – 20 minutes
  • Workbench Level 2 Quality Loot – 40 minutes
  • Workbench Level 3 Quality Loot – 60 minutes

Not only does the quality matter, however, as having a huge quantity of resources in your bag will also influence how long it takes for the loot to despawn.

How Long Does a Body Take to Despawn in Rust

You should also know that the time we just talked about for the loot becomes relevant only once the body despawns.

A dead body in Rust takes around 5 minutes to despawn. Once the body disappears, it will turn into a loot bag that will take around 5 to 60 minutes to despawn. This means that it takes from 10 to 65 minutes for your loot to despawn once you die, no matter who kills you.

That’s everything you need to know about how long loot takes to despawn in Rust!

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