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Horses are one of the best ways to travel around in Rust. Since they only require food to survive and are really easy to find, you can get a horse at any time, no matter how technologically advanced you are.

Even if you have rocket launchers and a fully armored base, a horse will still come in handy when you go on naked runs to farm low-tier monuments and basic resources like stone, wood, and sulfur.

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Horses are also an incredible source of fertilizer and will get you a huge amount of scrap in the process.

Horses will passively lose health if you don’t take care of them. To heal a horse in Rust, all you need to do is feed it food that provides health.

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How to Heal a Horse in Rust

Horses will slowly decay and lose health if you don’t make sure to heal them. This happens even if you hold them inside your base.

To heal a horse in Rust and make sure that you can still use them when you come back online, you will need to feed them food with healing properties.

So, when you look at food in your inventory, you will see how many calories they will give you (food requirement), how much hydration, and, sometimes, health.

For example, most berries and raw meat don’t give health, since there is no “Instant Health” or “Healing” stat when you select them in your inventory.

This means that all you have to do is place your horse next to a trough and place a lot of food inside that provides healing and stamina, to keep it alive. Stamina will regenerate using the calories, so that won’t be a problem.

As long as a horse doesn’t have full health or stamina, it will keep eating whatever you give without stopping. This is why some players may have trouble when feeding their horses through a trough since they use food that only gives the animal stamina (calories only).

If you want to instantly heal your horse since you are getting attacked, you can feed the horse healing tea. The basic healing tea provides 60 HP, which is more than any type of food that also gives stamina. To make tea in Rust, you will need to build a mixing table.

All the Food With Healing Properties in Rust

Here is a list of all the foods that provide both healing and stamina in Rust that you can feed your horse, from the ones that give the most health to the least useful ones:

  • Pumpkin (20 Healing)
  • Black Raspberries (20 Healing)
  • Cooked Chicken (20 Healing)
  • Cooked Deer Meat (20 Healing)
  • Blueberries (20 Healing)
  • Cooked Horse Meat (16 Healing)
  • Potato (12 Healing)
  • Corn (12 Healing)
  • Cooked Bear Meat (10 Healing)
  • Cooked Fish (10 Healing)
  • Granola Bar (10 Healing)
  • Cooked Wolf Meat (10 Healing)
  • Cooked Pork (10 Healing)
  • Pickles (10 Healing)
  • Can of Beans (8 Healing)
  • Mushroom (6 Healing)
  • Cactus Flesh (6 Healing)
  • Chocolate Bar (4 Healing)
  • Can of Tuna (4 Healing)
  • Apple (4 Healing)
  • Cooked Human Meat (4 Healing)
  • Rotten Apple (4 Healing)
  • Burnt Chicken (4 Healing)
  • Burnt Deer Meat (4 Healing)
  • Burnt Horse Meat (4 Healing)
  • Burnt Bear Meat (2 Healing)
  • Burnt Wolf Meat (2 Healing)
  • Burnt Pork (2 Healing)
  • Minnows (2 Healing)

That’s everything you need to know about how to heal a horse in Rust!

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