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Life on the high seas in Rust can be very fun. Players can generally collect all the resources they need to survive by just using a boat and looting random trash piles. Since you can find all the low grade fuel you need, you will just have to get a boat first.

Most players will just walk around the coast to find a boat. However, some might prefer to get a boat by purchasing it. Luckily, both the small Fishing Village and the Large Fishing Village sell boats for a decent price.

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Since you can get a lot of scrap by just fishing in the village and selling your catches, you can easily get a boat right at the start after a wipe if you know how much you need to pay for one.

A simple boat in Rust costs 125 scrap at the Fishing Village. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any fuel, so make sure to bring some.

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How Much Does a Boat Cost in Rust

A simple boat in Rust costs 125 scrap. You can easily get it by talking to the NPC in the Fishing Village that is standing at the dock. This NPC is standing exactly where the new boat is supposed to spawn.

Once you pay for the boat, it will spawn directly behind you in the water, and you will have 5 minutes to leave the dock. If you don’t, the boat will explode.

There are more types of boats beside the basic one for 4 players. For example, you can also buy the RHIB from the vendor in the Fishing Village, which will allow you to go exploring the seas with 6 players.

Here are all the types of boats you can purchase at the Fishing Village and their prices:

  • Boat – 125 scrap
  • RHIB – 300 scrap
  • One-Man Submarine – 200 scrap
  • Two-Man Submarine – 300 scrap

That’s everything you need to know about how much a boat costs in Rust!

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