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Auto turrets are the best way to defend your base in Rust. However, they don’t have an incredibly long range, and many players can easily snipe them if they see them.

This is why most turrets work best when they are inside a base, behind walls. You can use your turrets to surprise any raiders that come inside the base with a horrible death.

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However, it would be nice to use turrets to attack players without allowing them to destroy them from a distance. If you could set up prison cell walls around your Rust base, would the auto turret shoot through them?

Yes, turrets in Rust can shoot through prison walls without any problems, with 100% accuracy. However, players can easily destroy the walls with enough firepower.

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Can Turrets Shoot Through Prison Walls in Rust?

Yes, auto turrets can shoot through prison cell walls in Rust. Players cannot shoot through them, which makes using prison cell walls a really good option for defending your base.

Players can use the prison cell walls and gate to efficiently fight raiders that want to attack their base. Unfortunately, prison cell walls are very weak.

They have the same amount of health as a wooden wall, which is 250 HP. Luckily, they aren’t as weak as structures made out of wood, and they don’t burn as easily.

Though they will protect you by shooting enemies at a safe distance, the prison cell walls can be destroyed in a few seconds with a rocket or two.

Also, a tip that players should know before placing the prison cell walls around their base is that they cannot pick them up once they’ve been placed. So, make sure that you don’t leave yourself stuck after leaving the prison cell wall somewhere in the base.

Another smart structure that you can use to defend from raiders in Rust is the floor grill. If you place turrets on lower floors of your base and floor grills above them, the turrets can shoot enemies that got inside the base.

What Structures Can Auto Turrets Shoot Through in Rust?

There are more structures that turrets can shoot through in Rust besides prison cell walls. Here is a list of all of the things you can use to cleverly defend your base:

  • Prison Cell Wall
  • Prison Cell Gate
  • Floor Grill
  • Chainlink Fence
  • Chainlink Fence Gate
  • Half and Low Walls

That’s everything you need to know about turrets having the ability to shoot through prison walls in Rust!

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