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Rust is a really entertaining survival game where you have to fight scientists, wild animals, and other players just to exist. However, is that all you can fight in this game?

As you venture through the incredibly dark nights of Rust, you might be afraid that there might be other secret monsters lying in wait. You might even hope there are some zombies skulking around the corner.

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Since most survival games usually work really well with zombies, players might wonder if there are any in Rust.

Whether or not you’ll find zombies in Rust depends on what server you want to play. There are no zombies on the official Rust servers. However, there are many modded and community servers that have zombies in them.

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Are There Zombies in Rust?

Yes and no. There aren’t any zombies on the official Rust servers, but players have created their own zombies on the modded/community servers.

All the zombies that you can find in Rust will be different, as each server creates different types of zombies. You might find a server where men run around after you with chainsaws, while others have naked people trying to bite you.

There are no established Rust zombies, and each place you might find them will have different types of zombies. If you don’t think the zombies on your server are “realistic” or fun, then just know that not all zombies will be the same.

Some servers also add interesting mechanics which make dead players rise as zombies, risk of infection when you get bitten, and endless hordes of zombies that just grow and grow until the server wipe.

How to Find Zombies in Rust

To find servers that have zombies in Rust, all you need to do is open the game and search for the word “zombie” in the Play Game tab.

There are a lot of possible servers where you can play Rust with zombies. Just make sure to check the descriptions of the servers to understand if they offer the services you want. If you want just random roaming zombies on the map, then make sure that this is what the server offers.

If you want huge hordes of zombies that raid bases and infect players with bites, you will need to make sure that the servers have these features before joining.

You can even find a server that is as close as possible to vanilla Rust that just adds zombie NPCs walking around the monuments as bonus mobs.

That’s everything you need to know about zombies in Rust!

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