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The Recycler is one of the most useful items a monument can have. Since the Fishing Village is a safe zone, many players would love to head over there and recycle some of their loot.

Recycling is the best way to get most resources in Rust, and you will find Recyclers in most monuments, even unfriendly ones.

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The Fishing Village is positioned in an amazing place, as you could come in on a boat, recycle what you need, and immediately leave without risking a dangerous battle.

Unfortunately, the Fishing Village in Rust does not have a Recycler on the official servers. However, there is a chance that you will find one on the modded or community servers.

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Does the Fishing Village Have a Recycler in Rust?

No, the Fishing Village in Rust does not have a Recycler. Though it is one of the most useful devices and it is a must in safe zones, it is not present in either of the Fishing Villages.

The big hubs that players use for trading scrap for resources, such as the Outpost and Bandit Camp, always have Recyclers. Other easy locations where you can find Recyclers are the Mining Outpost, the Gas Station, and the Abandoned Supermarket.

However, the only safe locations where you can recycle are the Outpost and Bandit Camp. Still, even though the Fishing Villages don’t have Recyclers on the official servers, you can still find them in the villages on modded and community servers.

What Facilities Does the Fishing Village Have in Rust?

Though the Fishing Village in Rust does not have a Recycler, it has some other facilities that can be useful. No, it does not have Refineries or Repair Benches, but it has two vendors.

There are two NPCs that will sell you fishing gear and boats. You can also do a few quests here that will get you a fishing pole, bait, a kayak, and diving gear.

One of the NPCs will sell you everything you need to go diving and fishing. The second one will sell you boats, kayaks, and even submarines. You also have a vending machine where you can sell all of the fish that you can catch in Rust.

That’s everything you need to know about the Fishing Village having a Recycler in Rust!

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