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In Rust, players have to spend their time collecting resources to avoid inevitable death. One of the stats that creates a lot of problems for some of the fans is the Hunger stat. To fill it, you will need to either scavenge for food or grow your own crops.

To start growing food and crops properly in Rust, you will need to use a Planter inside your base. Unfortunately, to successfully make a Planter work, you will need water, light, and Fertilizer.

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Though the first two might be relatively easy to procure, Fertilizer is a weirder resource that you can only produce using a special machine.

To make Fertilizer in Rust, you will need to build a Composter and place various food items or Horse Dung inside. After waiting for around 5 minutes, the items you placed inside the Composter will disappear, and you will find Fertilizer inside.

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How to Make Fertilizer in Rust

If you want to make Fertilizer in Rust, you will first need to craft a Composter. This is a special machine that only turns food and Horse Dung into Fertilizer. You will also know the Blueprint for the Composter by default, so you can craft it at any time during your playthrough.

To craft a Composter, you will need 2 Tarp and 200 Wood. Once you do, you can place it anywhere in your base, as its position does not matter.

The Composter works mostly the same as a Furnace. You just place what items you want to change inside and wait for them to turn into Fertilizer.

Players can use items such as fish, meat, berries, and many other foods to get Fertilizer from the Composter. Usually, the best item to turn into Fertilizer is Horse Dung.

A single piece of Horse Dung will turn into 10 Fertilizer. If you are wondering how to get Horse Dung, you will actually need to keep horses at your base and feed them. Horses will produce around 10 Horse Dung per hour as long as they are fed.

Since you can only have stacks of 100 Horse Dung, it would be better if you placed more stacks inside the Composter. Since the machine works exactly the same as a Furnace, you can speed up the process by placing all the items in more slots. Just make sure to leave one or two slots empty for the Fertilizer to spawn.

All Items You Can Use to Get Fertilizer at Composter in Rust

So, you will need to place specific foods and items inside the Composter to get Fertilizer in Rust. However, what items actually work?

Here is a list of all the items you can place inside the Composter to get Fertilizer in Rust, along with the amount of Fertilizer you will get per item:

  • Horse Dung – 10 Fertilizer
  • Anchovy – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Catfish – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Herring – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Orange Roughy – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Salmon – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Sardine – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Small Shark – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Small Trout – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Yellow Perch – 0.8 Fertilizer
  • Chocolate Bar – 0.3 Fertilizer
  • Corn – 0.3 Fertilizer
  • Apple – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Rotten Apple – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Black Raspberries – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Blueberries – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cactus Flesh – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Fish – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Fish – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Granola Bar – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Chicken – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Chicken – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Chicken Breast – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Spoiled Chicken – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Deer Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Deer Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Deer Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Horse Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Horse Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Horse Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Human Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Bear Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Bear Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Bear Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Wolf Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Wolf Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Wolf Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Spoiled Wolf Meat – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Burnt Pork – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Pork – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Raw Pork – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Mushroom – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Pickles – 0.2 Fertilizer
  • Grub – 0.15 Fertilizer
  • Worm – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Minnows – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Cooked Human Meat – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Raw Human Meat – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Spoiled Human Meat – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Potato – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Pumpkin – 0.1 Fertilizer
  • Plant Fiber – 0.05 Fertilizer
  • Black Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer
  • Blue Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer
  • Green Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer
  • Red Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer
  • White Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer
  • Yellow Berry – 0.01 Fertilizer

That’s everything you need to know about how to make Fertilizer in Rust!

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