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Farming is one of those things that most Rust players will avoid. Not because it isn’t worth it but because you need to invest a lot of time in learning some mechanics that some might consider boring.

To farm in Rust, you will need to get a lot of water. This resource is not only vital to your plants, but it is also important to keep your character alive. Luckily, you can always drink some water from fresh bodies of water around you without any tools.

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However, if you want to head on a long journey, then you will need to bring some liters of water with you, just in case your character gets thirsty.

To get water in Rust, you need to hold one of the various containers that can hold water in your hands, approach a river or a lake, and press the right mouse button (secondary attack button).

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How to Get Water in Rust

To collect water in Rust, you will need to possess one of the items that can actually hold the liquid inside. There are 4 items that you can use to carry water from a river or lake to your base or on adventures:

  • Small Water Bottle – 250 ml
  • Bota Bag – 500 ml
  • Water Bucket – 2k ml
  • Water Jug – 5k ml

To get water in Rust, you have to hold one of these items in your hand, approach either a river or a lake, and hold down the right mouse button when you are close enough to the body of water.

Once you fill up the canister, you can either drink it by pressing the left mouse button, or you can throw it by pressing the right mouse button.

If you want to use this to water your plants, then you will have to make sure that you fill your canisters to the maximum amount.

If you don’t have enough water inside your water-carrying items, then you won’t be able to throw it.

When it comes to drinking, your character will only drink 50 ml of water from the items.

How to Get Water Without Having to Leave Your Base

The first method to get water is the best for players that either just want some water in their Bota Bag or Small Bottle.

However, if you want to do some intense farming, or you don’t want to go walking for miles just to get some water, here are some other things you can try out:

  • Water Catcher
  • Water Pump
  • Water Purifier

Water Catcher

The Water Catcher is the most common way to get water in your base with minimum effort, as you just need to build it, and it will then passively produce what you need.

The only problem is that the amount of water it produces is really low.

The Small Water Catcher is usually easy to craft and place, but it produces water at a really slow rate.

Though the Large Water Catcher can hold more water and produce it faster, it is very hard to place, and it takes up a lot of space. It usually isn’t worth it to get a Large Water Catcher.

Water Pump

The Water Pump allows you to pump water directly from a body of water wherever you want it. The only problem with it is that it needs electricity. You will also usually have to have your base right next to a body of water.

Water Purifier

The Water Purifier turns salt water into regular water if you also burn some Wood.

This tool is extremely useful if you have a beach base, as you can easily get a lot of water with the purifier.

If you combine the Water Pump with the Powered Water Purifier, you will have an endless source of fresh water, even though you are situated on the beach.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get water in Rust!

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