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There are many advanced electrical structures that you can build in Rust, but sometimes simple things are more important than anything.

A door controller will allow you to remotely open doors in Rust without having to personally open them with your own hands.

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However, if you’ve ever placed a door controller, you would know that, for some reason, it just doesn’t want to pair to a door.

To pair a door controller in Rust, you need to first unlock the door and make sure that the door controller is as close as possible to the door. 

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How to Pair Door Controller in Rust

There are three things that you need to make a door controller work in Rust:

  • Electricity
  • Power Switch
  • Cables

So, let’s start with how you are supposed to place the door controller first. Make sure you put it as close as possible to the door. It would be best if it looked like the door and the door controller were connected, as in the image above.

Then, you need to connect the door controller to a power switch. Drag a cable from the “Output” of the power switch to the “Power In” of the door controller.

Now, unlock the door that you want to pair. If you don’t unlock it, then it won’t work. Approach the door controller and interact with it to “Pair to Door.”

You can tell you did everything right if you turn the power on at the power switch and the door opens or closes. If nothing happens and the little light on the door controller is red when the power turns on, then it means you didn’t pair them.

This happened either because the door controller is too far away or because you didn’t unlock the door. The controller only uses 1 power, so electricity shouldn’t be the problem in this situation.

How to Set Up an HBHF Door Controller in Rust

There might be moments when you would like a door to open for you without you doing anything. Well, with the help of an HBHF, you can do just that.

The way you should set up an automatic door is that you have to get the power to go through the HBHF first and then into the door controller.

You will have to place the HBHF on the side of the door that you want to open automatically. You can’t use a single HBHF to open a door automatically from both sides. Players would have to set up one on both sides that go into the same door controller.

Then you can set up who is authorized to go through the door by going up to the HBHF and holding E. You must first have a tool cabinet placed for this to work.

That’s everything you need to know about how to pair a door controller in Rust!

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