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You might have watched a video or two of content creators playing Rust, and you may have always seen them loot inventories so fast that it looked impossible.

If you thought that you can only loot items one by one in Rust, then we have some mind-blowing news for you.

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Players can loot all of the items inside a storage or a body by just pressing one button and moving their mouse around.

To quick loot in Rust, all you need to do is hold down “H” on your keyboard and hover your mouse over the items in the inventory.

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How to Quick Loot in Rust

The standard way to loot fast in Rust is to hold down the “H” button and hover your mouse over the items you want to take.

This would work as if you manually right-clicked on all the items, and they will slowly start going into your inventory in the order you hovered over them.

If you are looting a player, you can also loot more items faster at the same time. The best way to loot a body is to go from the inventory down to the clothing and then the belt. This way, you will loot items from all three categories at the same time.

This also works when you want to leave stuff from your inventory in a storage. However, it doesn’t work for the quick slots.

Using the hover loot technique will allow you to get everything you need from places fast and also get out before other players come after you.

You should also remember that you can still right-click items to move them while the whole inventory is being moved from one side to the other.

You can use that time to either get rid of unwanted loot in your inventory or speed up the process by also dragging items from the loot zone into your inventory.

However, one problem with this is the button that you have to press. “H” doesn’t really come naturally when you look through an inventory. Luckily, you can change that.

How to Change the Quick Loot Button in Rust

There are many players that would rather hold down a button on their mouse rather than go all the way to the “H” key to quick loot in Rust.

Here is how you can change the hover loot button in Rust:

  1. Open the menu by pressing Esc.
  2. Click on the Options menu.
  3. Select the Controls option.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Inventory category.
  5. Change or add a button for Hover Loot.

Now, you just have to hold down the new button while looking through inventories, and you will loot faster than ever.

That’s everything you need to know about how to quick loot in Rust!

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