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In the large world of Rust, players can find a lot of interesting hidden locations by exploring every nook and cranny. Some of the best loot can only be found under locked doors.

Luckily, you can get through these doors with the help of special colored keycards. Players might have gotten their hands on random green keycards while exploring monuments.

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However, blue keycards aren’t as easy to find, and you will usually have to put more effort into them, which will be worth all the fuss.

There are 3 places where you can find blue keycards (the Harbor, Satellite Dish, and Sewer Branch) in Rust, and you will need to solve a puzzle using a green keycard and an electric fuse in each one of these places.

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Where to Get Blue Keycards in Rust

So, there are exactly 4 locations on normal Rust maps where you can get a blue keycard:

  • Harbor
  • Outpost
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sewer Branch

Besides the Outpost, each one of these locations holds a little puzzle where you will have to place one or two electric fuses and then turn on some switches to use a green keycard.

If you have at least starter-level knowledge of electricity, then the puzzles will be relatively easy to beat. Usually, you will find a green door with a place where you could insert a keycard that isn’t turned on.

To turn it on, try to follow the electrical wires that come into the door to their origin point. At that location, you will usually find a power cabinet that keeps throwing sparks. That is where you will have to place your electric fuse.

The fuse will last for 3 minutes, so you will have to quickly find the switch connected to the power cabinet and to the door that will activate the door. Turn that on and go to your green door to slide the green keycard and get inside.

In that room or space that you will open, there will always be a blue keycard inside. There are no other places where you can randomly find these cards. Blue keycards can only be found inside green keycard rooms.

How to Get a Green Keycard and Electric Fuse

If you don’t have a green keycard yet, you can easily get your hands on one by looting the Abandoned Supermarket or Oxum’s Gas Station monuments. These are easily accessible named locations where you can always pick up one green keycard.

Now, you will also need at least one electric fuse to get the blue keycard in Rust. This one is much harder to get and will require the most amount of effort to get.

You can’t buy them from anywhere, so your best bet would be either farming scientists or hoping for the best while looting monuments. They have a decent chance of spawning in crates, so either check out some named locations or look around the roads for some.

Otherwise, the scientists have a 5% chance to drop one, so if you kill enough of them, you might just get an electric fuse.

If you have easy access to underwater labs, then that might be your best bet. The electric fuses have a really high chance of spawning in the underwater lab’s loot. So, if you like diving, explore a bit to get more than enough electric fuses.

Since electric fuses are so rare, it would be best to pick your fuse back up after using it. Since you can use them for 3 minutes, you might have an opportunity to use them again.

In the worst-case scenario, you can recycle them for scrap if they are too damaged for use and get the same amount you would get for a full health fuse.

Buy a Blue Keycard in the Outpost

If you don’t want to waste time getting a green keycard (which is incredibly easy to get) and go through the whole monument-looting process, you can get a blue keycard in Rust by buying it at the Tools & Stuff vending machine in the Outpost.

The blue keycard costs 100 scrap, which is a bit pricey, but usually worth the resources you would get from a blue-door room, including the red keycard inside.

Best Location / Monument to Get the Blue Keycard in Rust

So, we’ve listed 5 monuments where you can go with your green keycard to look for a blue keycard, but we haven’t really told you which one is the best location.

Most of these locations can be dangerous and full of radiation. Luckily, one of them has extremely easy puzzles and doesn’t have any kind of danger besides other players.

The best monument to get the blue keycard in Rust is the Harbor. It doesn’t matter if it is the small or large Harbor. They both have an extremely easy puzzle.

In the small Harbor, you will have a room where you will have to place the fuse and the green door on the next level of the building. If you have all you need, you will just have to place the fuse, turn on the electrical system, climb a set of stairs, and swipe the green keycard.

At the large harbor, you will find a room that is blocked off by a breakable wooden board. You can tell it’s the right building if there is a switch right next to the board on the left. Destroy the board, get inside, and place the fuse.

Get out of the room, turn on the switch, and follow the cables to the green door. Swipe the keycard and get inside to find the blue keycard, sitting on a desk.

Where to Use the Blue Keycard in Rust

The main use of the blue keycard in Rust is to open blue doors, which hold red keycards inside. There are 5 locations where the blue keycard will open a door:

  • Airfield
  • Arctic Base
  • Power Plant
  • Trainyard
  • Water Treatment

All of these locations are well-defended by scientists and will have a degree of radiation. You will usually need to bring around 1 to 2 electric fuses if you want to get through.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get a blue keycard in Rust!

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