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One of the first choices you make in Stardew Valley is how your character looks. Once you decide everything about how your farmer will look, there is nothing you can do about it anymore. Or is there?

Players very often regret the decisions they make at the start of the game regarding their character’s appearance and will most often than not like to change something.

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The most common thing players will want to change in Stardew Valley and other games is their hair. Either because their character went through some character development and they need to also look different, or just because you don’t like your original choice and don’t want to play the whole game from the start.

Yes, you can change the hair of your character in Stardew Valley. We will go through 2 methods you can use to change your hair in Stardew Valley at any time as long as you are prepared to follow our instructions.

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Can You Change Your Hair in Stardew Valley?

Yes, you can change your hair in Stardew Valley through the vanilla gameplay, but you will need to get relatively far in the story to do so.

To change your appearance (including hair), you will need to befriend the Wizard and get 4 hearts with him to unlock his basement.

In there, you will find the Shrine of Illusions, where you can change everything about your look as if it were the start of the game. And all you need to give this magic shrine is 500 g. 

Luckily, if you want to use the classic vanilla way to change your hair and appearance in Stardew Valley, we have made a whole guide about that.

How to Change Your Hair in Stardew Valley Using Mods

If you just want to instantly change your hair in Stardew Valley without having to go through complicated hoops, you can use a mod that allows you to change your hair or appearance at any time.

There are two mods that could be really good for you:

  • Customize Anywhere Mod
  • Stardew Barber Mod

The Customize Anywhere mod will allow Stardew Valley players to open up the customization menu anywhere at any time. This can be extremely convenient if you just want to quickly change some small details about your character.

The mod also adds a special item to the game, the Customization Mirror, which allows you to change your appearance at any time in a relatively vanilla-friendly way.

You can buy the recipe for the Customization Mirror at Robin’s, and you can build it using 10 Wood and 2 Refined Quartz.

Place the mirror inside your house, interact with it, and you can change your appearance without feeling like a cheater.

The second mod that can be relatively interesting is the Stardew Barber mod which adds a barber shop south of the Mayor’s Manor. At this location, you can talk to Pelican Town’s new resident, Tate, to get a haircut.

This is a very vanilla-friendly way to change your haircut at any time in the game. However, the mod hasn’t been updated in a long time, and we have personally found a bug where Tate the Barber is invisible.

But you can still talk to him and get a haircut, though it can be a bit bizarre.

That’s everything you need to know about how you can change your hair in Stardew Valley!

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