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The first thing you will do when you start your Stardew Valley experience is to choose your appearance. You will have many choices and can make a completely unique character that other players can hardly recreate.

However, when you make your character, you have no idea what the other NPCs look like. You might choose a hair color or accessory that might just look weird. You might even think that your character is too normal and needs a little makeover.

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Luckily, players can change their appearance at any time if they have a bit of money and the necessary relationships. Though this might sound shady, it is extremely straightforward.

To change your appearance in Stardew Valley, you will need to pay 500 g and use the Shrine of Illusions in the Wizard’s Tower’s basement.

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How to Change Your Appearance in Stardew Valley

The only way players can change their appearance in Stardew Valley after character creation is by using the Shrine of Illusions. However, most players won’t even know what that is or how to access it.

How to Befriend the Wizard

Well, the Shrine of Illusions is a special altar found in the basement of the Wizard’s Tower. To access the basement, you will first need to reach 4 hearts with the Wizard. The easiest way to befriend the Wizard is to give him Solar Essence.

You can buy 10 Solar Essence from Krobus every day, making this the best gift to give the Wizard. Give him 2 each week, talk to him every day, and you will reach 4 hearts in no time.

If you haven’t discovered Krobus yet, donate 60 items to the Museum, and you will get a Rusty Key that opens the Sewers south of the farm. There, you will find Krobus waiting to sell you items. Otherwise, just give the Wizard Quartz.

How to Use the Shrine of Illusions

Now, talk to the Wizard and he will tell you that you are allowed inside his basement. Head over north in his Tower and interact with the wooden hatch. Down in the basement, to the right, you will find the Shrine of Illusions.

If you give the shrine 500 g, you will be able to change the appearance of your Stardew Valley character as you did when you started the game. You can also change your favorite thing, how your pet looks, gender, and name.

Since you can also change your name, you can try using the cheat where you can get items by having the item spawn code as your name. If you already had a cheat name at the start of the game, you can change it to gain other items.

This is extremely convenient, and it is good to know that players can change their appearance at any time in the game if they just meet some special requirements.

Can You Change the Appearance of NPCs in Stardew Valley?

Though you can thoroughly change your own appearance in Stardew Valley, there is no way to change the way the NPCs look in-game. However, there are a lot of mods that change how the NPCs look.

For example, if you would like the NPCs to look more like anime characters, there is a mod for that. You can find a lot of appearance mods on Nexus Mods. There are even some that just add more special seasonal outfits for all of your favorite Pelican Town residents.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change your appearance in Stardew Valley!

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