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There are a lot of fish that you can catch in Stardew Valley, 67 to be more exact. Though you might think it should be easy to get every one of them, you will often need to meet weird circumstances to even see some of them.

The Walleye is a special fish that you will need to complete the Night Fishing Bundle at the Community Center. Though the name of the Bundle itself gives a hint as to when to catch the Walleye in Stardew Valley, it doesn’t really help with fishing its location.

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There are quite a lot of places where you can fish in Stardew Valley, and each one of them will give you totally different fish.

The places where you can catch the Walleye in Stardew Valley are the river, Cindersap Forest pond, and the Mountain Lake, as long as it rains and it is Fall or Winter.

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Where to Catch Walleye in Stardew Valley

There are three bodies of water where you can catch a Walleye in Stardew Valley:

  • The River
  • The Cindersap Forest Pond
  • The Mountain Lake

Depending on what Farm type you chose, there is also a chance you can catch the Walleye in one of your Farm’s ponds. The Riverland and Forest Farms both have a pond where you can catch the Walleye fish.

Each one of these locations will work if you fish during the Fall or Winter and if it is raining.

There is no way to catch a Walleye on days that it isn’t rainy unless you use the Magic Bait. This bait allows you to catch any type of fish, no matter the season or circumstances, as long as you fish in the right body of water.

The best place to catch the Walleye in Stardew Valley is the Cindersap Forest pond, as it has the highest catch rate out of all the locations.

Each time you fish in the pond next to the Wizard’s Tower, you will have a chance of at least 30% to get the Walleye.

Another important aspect when catching the Walleye is the time. You can only catch Walleye fish between 12 PM and 2 AM. You can probably figure this out without help, considering that it is part of the Night Fishing Bundle.

Other Ways to Get a Walleye

Since you probably only need the Walleye to complete the Night Fishing Bundle, you don’t actually have to wait for a rainy day to catch it. There are also two other ways to try to get this fish, although they are very inefficient.

You can buy the Walleye from the Traveling Cart if you are lucky and you find it in her stock. The price ranges from 325 to 1k g, so only buy it if you really think you can’t catch it.

There is also a small chance that you will get the Walleye from the Trash Cans during the Fall and the Winter, but this is an unreliable way to get it.

That’s everything you need to know about where to catch Walleye in Stardew Valley!

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