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Fishing in Stardew Valley can be very profitable if you spend enough time mastering the minigame. After a while, fish will just seem to jump into your lap.

However, there are some fish that you will want to catch more than others. One of the most profitable fish in Stardew Valley is the Sturgeon. Why? Well, because you can make Caviar using its Roe.

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Unfortunately, if you want to catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley, you will need to know the exact location where they spawn and the exact season when they do.

To catch a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley, you will need to head over to the Mountain Lake and fish during the Summer or Winter, before 7 PM, preferably on rainy days.

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Where to Catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

The location where you can catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley is the Mountain Lake. Here, as long as it is Summer or Winter, you will have a decent chance to catch a Sturgeon each time you throw your hook into the water.

The Sturgeon has a higher chance to spawn if it rains. So, if you are lucky and you get a rainy day during the Summer or Winter, make sure to head over to the Mountain Lake next to the Mines to catch some Sturgeon.

This fish is one of the rarer ones in the game, which means you will have to aim for the deeper parts of the water to catch it. The further you get from the shore, the better.

A good fishing spot for Sturgeon in Stardew Valley would be the little island that you see in the image at the top of the article, right next to the Mines, that you can reach using the two little bridges.

A simple way to figure out where you can catch most types of fish in Stardew Valley is to look at the Fish Tank Bundles in the Community Center.

For example, the Sturgeon appears in the Lake Fish Bundle, alluding to the fact that you can only catch it at the Mountain Lake.

Where to Buy Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

One of the only reasons you would want to catch a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley is to use it in the Fish Pond for Caviar. However, if that is your only need for this freshwater fish, then you might as well buy it.

Krobus will sell you all kinds of fish on Wednesdays, and one of them can be the Surgeon. If you want to buy it, you will only need to give him 200 g. That is the exact price you would also sell this fish for, which makes this bargain a steal.

The only problem is that the fish that he sells is randomized, meaning you won’t have a 100% chance of finding your Sturgeon.

The Traveling Cart can also sell the Sturgeon occasionally, but it will usually not be worth it. The price will range from 600 to 1k g, which is an absurd amount for a fish you can catch yourself.

That’s everything you need to know about where to catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley!

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