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Stardew Valley is an incredibly entertaining farming simulation game that will allow you to live the life of the new resident of the quirky Pelican Town. Though you might think this is a simple farming game, you will be surprised by the depth of the story.

As you progress and discover more and more about this weird town, you will realize that it seems like there is no end in sight. Since there is no type of main quest in the game, there is no way to figure out when it actually ends.

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So, is there an endgame in Stardew Valley, and does the game actually have some kind of end? Well, there are two answers to this question.

There is no real end to Stardew Valley, as you can continue playing forever, and the game won’t stop you. However, there is an event that appears once you complete the Perfection score that gives most players the sentiment that they have finished everything there is to do in the game.

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Does Stardew Valley Have an End?

Stardew Valley has no sudden end. There is no random day when the game will stop, and you will get credits scenes. Some players have reached year 100, and they can still continue playing forever.

The only problem is that there is some point where you will finish doing everything there is to do in the game.

There are two events in the game that some players consider to be the end of the game.

Grandpa’s Evaluation Ending

One of the endgame events in Stardew Valley is Grandpa’s Evaluation event.

Once you reach day 1 of year 3, you will get an event where Grandpa’s ghost will appear to give you an evaluation based on what you did in your first two years in Pelican Town.

Grandpa’s ghost can have four different reactions to how you have handled the farm in the first 2 years in Stardew Valley, and the only one that matters is the one where you get the “perfect” score.

Depending on what you do during the first 2 years, you will get some points allocated based on defined criteria.

If you have at least 12 points, you will get the perfect reaction from Grandpa, who will give you the Statue of Perfection.

This statue can be very useful as it will produce from 2 to 8 Iridium Ores every day.

Luckily, if you “fail” Grandpa’s Evaluation on the 1st day of the third year, you can always retry it at a later day by placing a Diamond at Grandpa’s Shrine northwest on the Farm.

Grandpa’s Scoring

Here are the criteria that you can meet to get points for Grandpa’s Evaluation in Stardew Valley and get a nice ending:

  • Earn more than 1 million Gs – +7 Points
  • Finish the Community Center – +3 Points
  • Unlock Skull Cavern – +1 Points
  • Unlock Sewer – +1 Points
  • 5 8-heart relationships – +1 Points
  • 10 8-heart relationships – +1 Points (on top of the previous point)
  • Full friendship with Pet – +1 Points
  • Spouse and Fully Upgraded House – +1 Points
  • Skill Levels at least 30 total – +1 Points
  • Skill Levels Maxed – +1 Points (on top of the previous point)
  • Finish the Museum – +1 Points
  • Catch all Fish – +1 Points
  • Ship all “Shippable” Items – +1 Points


Depending on what result you get, a number of candles will light up at Grandpa’s Shrine. This would normally help you realize how close you were to the perfect score without an online guide.

Here are the possible results of Grandpa’s Evaluation at his Shrine:

  • 0 to 3 Points – 1 Candle Lit
  • 4 to 7 Points – 2 Candles Lit
  • 8 to 11 Points – 3 Candles Lit
  • At least 12 Points – 4 Candles Lit

Perfection Ending

Though you will get a feeling of fulfillment by completing Grandpa’s Evaluation with a perfect score, there are still many other things you can do in Stardew Valley afterward.

Considering that Grandpa doesn’t even care about Ginger Island, it seems pretty clear that you still have many things you can do in the game.

There is a secret score that keeps track of everything you are doing in Stardew Valley. This thing is called the Perfection Tracker.

Once you get to Ginger Island and collect 100 Golden Walnuts, you will be able to check in on this tracker to see how far off you are from completing the game.

If you manage to complete the Perfection score and get 100% on it, then you have officially done everything there is to do in Stardew Valley. At this point, there is nothing more you can do.

Perfection Tracker

Here are the general tasks that you will have to complete to get 100% completion in Stardew Valley:

  • Produce & Forage Shipped: 145 – Ship all of the items in the Items Shipped (Farm & Forage) category in the Collections menu
  • Obelisks on Farm: 4 – Buy the Earth Obelisk, Water Obelisk, Desert Obelisk, and Island Obelisk from the Wizard
  • Golden Clock on Farm – Buy the Golden Clock from the Wizard (10 million Gs)
  • Monster Slayer Hero: 12 – Complete all Monster Eradication Goals at the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Great Friends: 34 – Get Max Friendship will all villagers (10 hearts for non-romanceables, 8 for romanceables)
  • Farmer Level: 25 – Get Max Level in all Skills (level 10)
  • Found All Stardrops: 7 – Find all 7 Stardrops in the game
  • Cooking Recipes Made: 80 – Cook all the recipes in the game
  • Crafting Recipes Made: 129 – Craft all the items in the game
  • Golden Walnuts found: 130 – Find all Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island

As you can tell from these challenges, the Perfection event is very hard to get. If you really want to invest a lot of time into Stardew Valley, then you will need to complete the Perfection Tracker to get the real ending of the game.

By completing these challenges, you end up doing everything there is to do in the game.

Just getting to buy buildings from the Wizard will require finishing a lot of story-related quests.

Since all relationships also deteriorate every day, it can also be very hard to get the friendship of all villagers in Stardew Valley to the maximum level.

Perfection Event

Once you manage to get 100% completion on the Perfection Tracker in Stardew Valley, you will get some messages in the bottom right corner that congratulate you for your efforts and tell you that there is a new area you can visit.

If you head over to the Railroad, you will find the blocked-off stairs are now accessible.

Climb all the way to the top and enter the new area to see the final cutscene in Stardew Valley and watch the credits.

The Summit is one of the only locations in the game that you can’t see on the map, and it only exists to celebrate completing everything that there is to do in Stardew Valley.

If you have a spouse, they will also be present at the top of the Summit, and you will have a little discussion to give you closure.

Then, you will see some of the fantastical characters in the game flying over you, and the credits will start, where you will see all of the villagers, animals, and monsters in the game.

After the Perfection cutscene, you can still continue playing as if nothing happened since the game will never stop.

However, many players consider this point to be the end, as you can start again on a new farm to live a different experience.

That’s everything you need to know about how Stardew Valley ends!

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