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In Stardew Valley, players can gather a lot of types of crops, forageables, ores, and goods in general. They will usually just sell them to make a profit or use them to get items that make them even more money.

Animals in Stardew Valley are an amazing source of money, as their only reason to exist on the farm is to produce goods for you and wait for you to pet them. They might also need a lot of food.

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Truffles are one of the resources that only animals can provide, even though they are a mushroom. You cannot find it anywhere to forage it yourself.

Stardew Valley players can get truffles by purchasing pigs and letting them roam outside of the barn. Every day, you should be able to find a truffle spawned outside where the pigs are wandering.

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How to Get Truffles in Stardew Valley

To get truffles in Stardew Valley, you will first need to get pigs. You can get pigs by first building a Deluxe Barn at the Carpenter’s Shop.

Here are the exact resources you will need to build a Deluxe Barn from scratch by first building the normal Barn and upgrading it to the max level:

  • 43k g
  • 1350 Wood
  • 650 Stone

Once you’ve made the Deluxe Barn, which will automatically feed you animals from now on, you can head over to Marnie’s Ranch and buy yourself a pig or two. A pig costs 16k g.

Now that you have a pig on the farm, you will need to open the gate of the barn to allow your animals to wander outside the barn. Once pigs have matured, they will produce truffles each day. Precisely one per pig.

A pig will need 10 days to mature, during which they need to be fed every day. If you don’t feed them a day, that day won’t count, and the pig won’t mature.

The truffles will randomly spawn outside right next to the pigs as they wander around the farm throughout the day. Just head over and pick them up. If you don’t pick them up on the 28th of the season, they will disappear on the 1st of the next season.

Also, pigs don’t leave the barn during the Winter, which means that there is no way for truffles to spawn. So, just remember that pigs are useless during that season, and they won’t give you any resources.

What to Do With Truffles in Stardew Valley

A truffle is worth 625 g. This is really good, considering you get one every day. However, since you can only unlock pigs once you have a Deluxe Barn, some players might not consider the amount worth it.

To increase the price of truffles, you will need to convert them into truffle oil. You just need to place the truffles inside an Oil Maker and wait 6 in-game hours for it to convert. Truffle oil sells for 1065 g and can be sold for 1491 g if you have the Artisan profession.

Another thing you can use truffles for in Stardew Valley is to complete the Chef’s Bundle at the Community Center. Completing the Chef’s Bundle will reward you with 3 Pink Cakes.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get truffles in Stardew Valley!

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