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There are many interesting secrets and hidden items that players can find in Stardew Valley. One of these interesting hidden things is the legendary fish.

You wouldn’t know much about their existence until you’ve managed to catch one. The only reason you can even realize that these fish are special is their unique item description.

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After catching one of these, many Stardew Valley players wonder what they are supposed to even do with legendary fish.

There are only two things you can do with legendary fish in Stardew Valley: sell them or put them on display as decorations in a fish tank.

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What are Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley?

The legendary fish in Stardew Valley are unique fish that you can only catch once. After that, you may never catch them again. This is one of the only reasons why you might consider twice before selling them.

There are 10 legendary fish in Stardew Valley. Five of them can be caught at any time as long as you meet the required Fishing level, while the latter will become available in one of the late-game quests:

  • Angler / Ms. Angler
  • Crimsonfish / Son of Crimsonfish
  • Glacierfish / Glacierfish Jr.
  • Legend / Legend II
  • Mutant Carp / Radioactive Carp

All of these legendary fish have a special location where you can catch them and even season-specific requirements. Unfortunately, even if you meet most of their requirements, you will still have an extremely low chance to catch them.

Legendary fish can also have different rarity qualities, which means two players can catch the same legendary fish, but one would be worth more than the other. You can get the “Legend” with a silver star or an iridium star.

What to Do with Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley

There are only two things you can do with legendary fish in Stardew Valley:

  • Sell them
  • Use them as decorations

Selling Them

Most completionists will probably want to avoid this choice, but it is a good one nonetheless. The cheapest fish out of the bunch is 1k g, while the best one, at iridium quality, with the best profession, can sell for 15k g.

This means that even selling them would be a waste if you didn’t catch them at a higher quality or if you don’t have the angler profession.

Here are the selling prices of the legendary fish in Stardew Valley. Since there are many differences in prices, we will only list the worst, standard price, without any bonuses, and the best, iridium quality with the angler profession price:

  • Angler / Ms. Angler – Standard Price: 900 g, Best Price: 2.7k g
  • Crimsonfish / Son of Crimsonfish – Standard Price: 1.5k g, Best Price: 4.5k g
  • Glacierfish / Glacierfish Jr. – Standard Price: 1k g, Best Price: 3k g
  • Legend / Legend II – Standard Price: 5k g, Best Price: 15k g
  • Mutant Carp / Radioactive Carp – Standard Price: 1k g, Best Price: 3k g

Display Them

Your next possible option would be to place fish tanks in your house and put the legendary fish inside them. This can be a nice way to always see your achievement every day you wake up.

There are no real benefits from doing this besides feeling good about being able to catch these extremely unique, legendary fish in Stardew Valley.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with legendary fish in Stardew Valley!

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