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In a farming simulator such as Stardew Valley, animals are a big part of your time, as you have to raise and take care of them to get some nice resources in return.

If you want animals in Stardew Valley, then you will need to visit Marnie’s Ranch and talk to her about getting some of the cute animals that she sells over to your farm.

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Since you will probably visit Marnie often to get animals and Hay, you will need to know when her Ranch is open. Without her constant source of Hay, how are you supposed to feed your animals?

Marnie’s Ranch is open in Stardew Valley between 9 AM and 4 PM for business every day besides Mondays and Tuesdays, and it’s generally open for regular visits every day between 9 AM and 6 PM.

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When Is Marnie’s Ranch Open in Stardew Valley?

Marnie’s Ranch is the main place where you do business relating to animals in Stardew Valley, and it is open almost every day from 9 AM to 4 PM.

The only days Marnie won’t be ready to interact with you about animals will be Mondays and Tuesdays.

Also, there are two special dates when she won’t open the shop for you, Fall 18 and Winter 18. On Fall 18, she will go to Harvey’s Clinic to do her yearly checkup, and on Winter 18 she will bring Jas for her checkup.

You can still enter the Ranch on days when she isn’t standing at the counter to sell you items every day between 9 AM and 6 PM.

There are three villagers that live in the Ranch, Marnie, the owner, Shane, one of the romantic options for players, and Jas, one of the only kids in Pelican Town.

What Can Marnie Sell You? – Marnie’s Ranch Stock

Here is a list of all of the items that Marnie can sell you at her Ranch when she stands at the counter:

  • Hay – Price: 50 g
  • Ornamental Hay Bale – Price: 250 g
  • Milk Pail – Price: 1,000 g
  • Shears – Price: 1,000 g
  • Heater – Price: 2,000 g
  • Auto-Grabber – Price: 25,000 g (Available after reaching level 10 Farming)
  • Golden Egg – Price: 100,000 g (Available after Perfection ending)

Here are also all the animals you can buy from Marnie’s Ranch, including the building where they live:

  • Chicken – Price: 800 g, Building: Coop
  • Cow – Price: 1,500 g, Building: Barn
  • Goat – Price: 4,000 g, Building: Big Barn
  • Duck – Price: 1,200 g, Building: Big Coop
  • Sheep – Price: 8,000 g, Building: Deluxe Barn
  • Rabbit – Price: 8,000 g, Building: Deluxe Coop
  • Pig – Price: 16,000 g, Building: Deluxe Barn

That’s everything you need to know about when Marnie’s Ranch opens in Stardew Valley!

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