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Stardew Valley is known for making the farming simulator genre much more interesting than it should be. As you spend time growing crops and befriending villagers in Pelican Town, you will see that one of the most important locations in the game is closed off.

The Mines are the only place in Pelican Town where new players can get ores for crafting and upgrading weapons, and the only location where they can train their Combat skill.

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Unfortunately, this place is closed off at the start of the game, as you will only see a huge boulder blocking the way and some man working to get rid of it.

The Mine in Stardew Valley opens on the 5th day of Spring, as you get a letter in the mail telling you that debris has been removed.

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When Does the Mine Open in Stardew Valley?

Players can start visiting the open Mines in Stardew Valley once they reach day 5 of Spring in Year 1. The large boulders will be gone, and you can easily just go inside the Mine at any time of the day.

The Mines don’t work like shops, where you might have different times you can enter the location.

You can come inside the Mines first thing in the morning and fall asleep there (at 2 AM) if you are too lazy to go back to your house.

Once the boulders are removed, you can visit the Mines the whole game, without any problems, at any time you wish.

How the Mines Work in Stardew Valley

There are 120 levels players can explore inside the Mines in Stardew Valley.

As you get deeper and deeper, you will discover better ores and rewards. However, you will also face stronger enemies, which will be hard to defeat without a good weapon.

To properly explore the Mines, you will need a Pickaxe and a weapon. Floors will have hidden staircases that can be discovered by breaking rocks with your Pickaxe.

Generally, you can get the best weapons to defeat monsters in Stardew Valley just by reaching special floors that only have a treasure chest in them, which usually holds a powerful sword.

You can find reward chests on the following floors in the Mines:

  • Level 10 – Leather Boots
  • Level 20 – Steel Smallsword
  • Level 40 – Slingshot
  • Level 50 – Tundra Boots
  • Level 60 – Crystal Dagger
  • Level 70 – Master Slingshot
  • Level 80 – Firewalker Boots
  • Level 90 – Obsidian Edge
  • Level 100 – Stardrop
  • Level 110 – Space Boots
  • Level 120 – Skull Key

Usually, it would be a good idea to try to get to lower floors faster, ignoring most enemies, as you can get some of the best weapons in the game on the different levels we just mentioned.

That’s everything you need to know about when the mine opens in Stardew Valley!

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