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One of the main ways to make money and evolve your character in Stardew Valley is fishing. Though fishing has one of the worst minigames in minigame history, it is still an amazing source of money.

However, players might wonder where and how to sell fish in Stardew Valley. The most obvious choice is using the shipping bin, but since you are already close to the Fish Shop, there should be a way to sell Willy your catches, right?

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Also, you don’t know the price of the fish that you are selling if you are leaving them in the shipping bin.

To sell fish in Stardew Valley at Willy’s Fish Shop, all you need to do is open the shop menu and click on the fish in your inventory.

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How to Sell Fish in Stardew Valley

There are two places where you can sell fish in Stardew Valley: the shipping bin at your farm and at Willy’s Fish Shop next to the ocean.

To sell fish at your shipping bin, you just have to place the fish inside it, as you would any other items, and wait for the next day to see how much your fish was worth.

Otherwise, you can just go to the Fish Shop between 9 AM and 5 PM to manually sell your fish. This way, you will also see the price of the fish as you sell it.

So, head inside the shop, interact with Willy at the counter to open the shop interface, and you will see that your fish in the inventory aren’t transparent, as opposed to all of your tools.

This means that you can sell them. If you hover over them, you will also see the exact price you will sell that fish for. Just select it and you will instantly sell it to Willy.

There is no budget at the Fish Shop or any shop in Stardew Valley, so you can sell fish worth thousands and there won’t be any problems. You can also buy back the fish for the same selling price if you made a mistake, as long as you don’t leave the shop.

Where is the Best Place to Sell Fish in Stardew Valley

So, there are only two places where you can sell fish in Stardew Valley. Either the shipping bin or Willy’s Fish Shop.

Both locations will offer the same prices for the same items. This means that if you care about profit, there is no difference between these places. You can sell at either one and still get the same rewards.

All that really matters is how far they are from you. If you do most of your fishing on the farm, there is no real reason to run all the way to the Fish Shop. Especially on a beach farm.

However, if you have a lot of crab pots in the ocean, it might be best to just head inside the shop after looting them to sell your catches.

There are no disadvantages to selling your fish to Willy. The fish will be properly noted in your Collections menu, even if you didn’t place it in the shipping bin, allowing you to always see its price.

Selling at Willy’s Fish Shop is also very useful if you still want to do other things around town and you need to quickly get rid of your fish. Free your inventory from all your fishing gains and start working on other things in town.

That’s everything you need to know about how to sell fish in Stardew Valley!

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