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The only way you can romance a character in Stardew Valley is by giving them gifts. The more gifts you give someone, the more friendship points you will get with them.

Relationships in Stardew Valley are defined by hearts, which visually show your total friendship points. You can have any number of hearts from 0 to 10 with most normal NPCs and can even get as high as 14 with your spouse.

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Elliot is one of the romanceable characters in Stardew Valley, and giving him the right gifts will make the romance process much easier. Since you can only give two gifts per week, you should be careful what you give.

Though Elliot likes and loves a lot of gifts/items in Stardew Valley, the best item that you can give him, which you can easily produce if you like farming, is fruits (preferably Pomegranate).

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How Friendship Works and Why You Should Give Gifts

You must give gifts to NPCs in Stardew Valley if you want to become friends with them.

Some people will love some things while others will hate them. You will receive a varying number of friendship points depending on how they respond to the gift.

In Stardew Valley, 10 friendship hearts are the usual cap for each villager. The limit with Elliot is 10 hearts while he is single, and it rises to 14 after marriage.

To acquire hearts with Elliot, you must first gain friendship points with him. In Stardew Valley, each heart is worth 250 friendship points. These points will gradually deplete over time.

The best way to befriend someone is to give them gifts they love. This will increase your relationship with them by 80 friendship points.

If you don’t have those items, you can also give them liked items, which will increase the relationship by 45 friendship points.

As long as you don’t give them disliked or hated items, you will only improve your relationship with NPCs by giving gifts. Since you only lose 2 points a day with them, the liked gifts will usually be enough.

What Gifts Does Elliot Like and Love in Stardew Valley

Some items in Stardew Valley are universally loved by all NPCs, including Elliot.

These gifts are the Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, and Rabbit’s Foot.

Here is a list of the gifts that Elliot likes and loves in Stardew Valley, excluding the universally loved items, and how to get them:

Crab CakesCooking – TV, 21 Fall, Year 2Love
Duck FeatherFarming – DucksLove
LobsterFishing – Crab PotLove
PomegranateFarming – Pomegranate TreeLove
Squid InkFish Pond – SquidLove
Tom Kha SoupCooking – Sandy, 7 HeartsLove
All Fruits (-Salmonberry)FarmingLike
OctopusFishing – SummerLike
SquidFishing – WinterLike

Best Gift to Give Elliot in Stardew Valley

The best gift that you can get and give Elliot in Stardew Valley is fruits. In the Spring, you won’t really have any good choices of Fruit Trees, so you will have to improvise a bit.

The cheapest fruit available in the Spring of Year 1 is Salmonberry, but ConcernedApe probably realized this would make everything too easy, so Elliot actually hates Salmonberry.

This is why Strawberries are your best bet in Spring since you can get them from the Egg Festival on Spring 13. While you grow some Strawberries to give Elliot, you can also start working on other fronts to get better items.

Setting up Crab Pots at the sea to catch Lobsters might also be a good idea since you can passively get Elliot a loved gift this way.

However, you will have a really low chance of getting Lobsters from the Crab Pot (4%), making this an unreliable gift.

By Summer, you should have enough money to buy Pomegranate Saplings and grow them to start getting Pomegranate every day during the Fall.

This will be the moment you will max out your friendship with Elliot since he loves this fruit.

If you already know he loves this, you can start planning beforehand to purchase one or two Pomegranate Saplings and plant them at the start of Summer.

Then, when Fall begins, it will start producing 1 Pomegranate every day, more than enough to make Elliot love you.

Now if you also know where to find Elliot every day in Stardew Valley, marrying him will be a very easy task.

That’s everything you need to know about what gifts Elliot likes in Stardew Valley!

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