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Animals in Stardew Valley can get you a lot of interesting products that you can sell for an amazing price or use to make artisan goods.

Ducks and Rabbits are some of the animals in Stardew Valley that will usually give you either Eggs or Wool but will surprise you occasionally with Rabbit’s Feet and Duck Feathers.

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Considering that there is no easy in-game stat to see what your chances are to get Duck Feathers, you will likely need some help to understand how this whole process works.

The primary way to get Duck Feathers in Stardew Valley is by growing Ducks on your farm.

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How to Get Duck Feather in Stardew Valley

There is only one viable way to get a Duck Feather in Stardew Valley, and that is from growing Ducks.

You can also try to get them from the Travelling Merchant, but that would be absurd, and you can also get them as an occasional gift from Emily if you marry her.

The actual normal way to get Duck Feathers in Stardew Valley is to make sure that your Ducks are happy and that they like you.

Every 2 days, the game does a little equation to see if each one of your Ducks will produce either an Egg or a Duck Feather.

Depending on your friendship with the Ducks, their mood, and daily luck, you have a relatively low chance of getting a Duck Feather.

Duck Feather Production Probability and Formula

If you aren’t happy with the relatively vague answer from earlier, here is the exact formula that Stardew Valley uses to calculate if your Duck will produce an Egg or a Duck Feather every 2 days:

  • (Friendship + (Mood * Mood Modifier)) / 4,750 + Daily Luck

Friendship with your Ducks will range from 0 and 1,000 points. You can gain Friendship points with your Ducks by interacting with them every day and making sure they have food.

Mood of farm animals is determined by how well you care for them. The mood scale ranges from 0 to 255.

In general, if you take excellent care of your animals, you will have both high levels of Friendship and Mood with them.

The Mood Modifier is a Mood-based metric. The Modifier will be 1.5 if the Duck has more than 200 Mood. The Mood Modifier will be 0 between 200 and 100 and negative below 100.

Daily Luck is a number that ranges from -0.1 to 0.1, which you can find out every day by watching the Fortune Teller on TV.

You can tell if you have Daily Luck above 0.7 if she says that “The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune.”

Considering the formula from above, even if you have maximum Friendship with a Duck, they have the maximum amount of Mood, and the Daily Luck is 0.1, you still only have a 42% chance of getting a Duck Feather from that animal.

Other Ways to Get Duck Feathers

The only other ways to get a Duck Feather in Stardew Valley, besides getting them from Ducks, are:

  • Buying it from the Traveling Merchant
  • Get one every year on Leo’s birthday from the Statue Of Endless Fortune
  • Gift from Emily if she’s married to you and it’s a rainy morning

All of these methods are not something you should use to consistently get Duck Feathers, considering that they are either random or extremely unreliable.

Emily might be the only decent way to get Duck Feathers, but you would marry her for her gifts instead of marrying her because you want to.

The Statue of Endless Fortune is an end-game item, so you probably have enough Ducks to get Duck Feathers by that time in Stardew Valley.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Duck Feather in Stardew Valley!

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