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Turning your grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley into a sight to behold can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you have no idea what you are doing.

Clearing out most of the rocks, grass, and sticks isn’t that hard. You use related tools, such as the axe or pickaxe, and you can easily beautify your farm.

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However, if you are playing on the forest or beach farm, you will find huge bushes that can’t be removed with a scythe, axe, or pickaxe.

To remove bushes in Stardew Valley, you will need to upgrade your axe to copper and then use it to destroy those leafy problems.

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How to Remove Bushes in Stardew Valley

Most bushes, either smaller or larger ones in Stardew Valley, can be removed by using a copper axe or better. This means that you will need at least 5 copper bars and 2000g to start removing bushes.

You will also have to wait 2 days until your axe gets the upgrade, so make sure that you don’t have any plans of using it in that time,

Also, bushes situated at the edges of the map, for example, the ones next to the shipping bin, are impossible to remove.

So, if you have an axe that is at least copper level and you try to hit a bush, and there is no “hitting” animation, then it means that the bush you are trying to remove is invincible.

We don’t know if this is a bug or if the developer would prefer to keep a few bushes here and there on the farm. On most normal farms, you won’t be able to remove the bushes since there will only be around 1 or 2.

The usual farms where you will have a lot of bushes to remove in Stardew Valley are the forest, riverlands, and beach farms. Otherwise, on most maps, there is no way to remove them.

How to Remove Invincible Bushes in Stardew Valley With Mods

So, besides the farms we specified earlier, players will not be able to remove bushes in Stardew Valley. Even then, there will be some random bushes that you still won’t be able to destroy.

Luckily, there are a lot of players that are annoyed with this system, and there is a mod that makes all bushes vulnerable.

The Destroyable Bushes mod will allow you to remove any bush in Stardew Valley if you have a copper axe or better. This just makes all the bushes work the same as the ones in the forest, riverlands, and beach farms.

You will even have the ability to remove bushes around Pelican Town that are not part of your farm. All bushes will become destroyable.

That’s everything you need to know about how to remove bushes in Stardew Valley!

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