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In Stardew Valley, players get to live the life of the most profitable farm in human history. If you spend enough time min-maxing every little detail, you can become a millionaire in less than a year.

One animal that can help some farmers become extremely rich is the Sheep. Unfortunately, the Sheep is a late-game Barn animal that you can only get by spending a lot of time, money, and resources.

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Still, this animal will usually be worth it, as it will pump out Wool every 3 days for you to shear and either turn into Cloth or directly sell.

To get Sheep in Stardew Valley, you need to first build a Deluxe Barn and then buy the Sheep from Marnie’s Ranch for 8,000 g.

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How to Get Sheep in Stardew Valley

Players can only get a Sheep in Stardew Valley if they have a Deluxe Barn on their farm.

Otherwise, the animal won’t even appear as a choice when you go to Marnie’s Ranch and select to buy a new animal.

To upgrade the Barn into a Deluxe Barn, you just need to head over to the Carpenter’s Shop (Robin’s house) and first purchase the Big Barn upgrade for 12,000 g, x450 Wood, and x200 Stone.

You can find it in the menu as a new building by pressing the left arrow.

After waiting 2 days for the upgrade, you will now find the Deluxe Barn upgrade available at Robin’s, which is worth 25k g, x550 Wood, and x300 Stone.

Purchase it, upgrade the Big Barn, and, after 2 days, you can now go to Marnie’s Ranch to buy a Sheep.

A Sheep will cost you 8k g. The Sheep will mature after 4 nights when you’ve fed it every day. After that, you can get Wool from the Sheep every 3 days by using Shears. You can buy these from Marnie.

You can also place an Auto-Grabber inside the Barn that will automatically shear the Sheep without you having to do anything extra.

How to Get Wool Every Day from Sheep

There is a way to get Wool every day from Sheep in Stardew Valley. There are two things that can lower the time it takes for Sheep to produce Wool:

  • Friendship
  • Shepherd Profession

You can get 5 hearts worth of friendship with all animals in Stardew Valley.

If you manage to reach 4 hearts and a half, you will lower the time it takes for Sheep to produce Wool by one whole day.

Also, the Shepherd Profession, available at level 10 Farming, if you chose Rancher at level 5, will lower the Wool production time by another day.

If you combine these two bonuses, you can get Wool every day from your Sheep, which, at normal quality, is worth 340 g.

If you were also to turn the Wool into Cloth, you would make at least 470 g.

Should You Turn Wool into Cloth?

As a Sheep farmer, one of the main resources you will get is Wool.

Wool can be processed into Cloth, which, in theory, is a bit more expensive than Wool. However, if you get higher quality Wool, things change a bit.

Wool can have normal, Silver, Gold, and Iridium Quality, which are worth 25%, 50%, and 100% more than the base price.

For some items, when you turn them into Artisan Goods, such as Cloth, you would get the same quality of the base item for the Artisan Good, or an equivalent.

However, for Wool and Cloth, you actually just have a chance to get double Cloth when you process the Wool.

Here are the chances that you will get double Cloth from Wool in Stardew Valley, based on the quality of the Wool:

  • Silver Quality Wool – 10% chance for x2 Cloth
  • Gold Quality Wool – 25% chance for x2 Cloth
  • Iridium Quality Wool – 50% chance for x2 Cloth

This actually makes the transition from Wool to Cloth worse once you start getting higher quality Wool from your Sheep (you get higher quality Wool from Sheep based on friendship).

So, you should only turn Wool into Cloth if the Wool is regular or Silver quality. If it is Gold or Iridium, you are better off selling it directly.

If you have the Artisan Profession, you could also process Gold quality Wool since the Cloth will be worth 658 g.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Sheep in Stardew Valley!

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