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There are a lot of materials in Stardew Valley that you can craft and use to make a lot of money. However, some are hidden behind special crafting machines that you won’t even know you unlocked.

As you gain levels in Farming, Mining, and Foraging, you will unlock a lot of different items and buildings that you can easily forget about if you didn’t pay enough attention.

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Cloth is an interesting material in Stardew Valley since you don’t really need it for any practical uses, and it is mostly a money-making artisan good.

To get Cloth in Stardew Valley, you need to build a Loom and place Wool inside it to process it. After 4 hours, you will get Cloth from the machine.

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How to Get a Loom and Wool in Stardew Valley

To get Cloth in Stardew Valley, you will first need two materials:

  • Loom
  • Wool

Wool is an animal product that you can get from Rabbits and Sheep. Since you will need a Deluxe Barn to get Sheep, you are more likely in the early game to use Rabbits to get Wool.

Generally, once you get the upgraded Deluxe Barn, you will get a few Sheep on your farm and shear them almost every 3 days for Wool.

To unlock the Loom recipe, you will need to get to level 7 Farming. Once you do, you can craft the Loom anywhere on your farm using 60 Wood, 30 Fiber, and 1 Pine Tar.

How to Get Cloth in Stardew Valley

The best way to get Cloth in Stardew Valley is to place Wool inside the Loom and wait for 4 hours for it to process. Once that is done, you will get at least one piece of Cloth.

There is a chance that you will get two pieces of Cloth from the Loom, depending on the quality of the Wool:

  • Silver Quality Wool – 10% Double Cloth Chance
  • Gold Quality Wool – 25% Double Cloth Chance
  • Iridium Quality Wool – 50% Double Cloth Chance

There are also three other ways you can get Cloth in Stardew Valley, which don’t involve Sheep:

  • Defeat Mummies in the Skull Cavern
  • Trade 3 Aquamarines for 1 Cloth at the Desert Trader
  • Recycle Soggy Newspaper at the Recycling Machine

Defeat Mummies

If you like combat in Stardew Valley and spend a lot of time inside the Skull Cavern, then you can get all of the Cloth you need by defeating Mummies.

Unfortunately, Mummies can’t easily be defeated using normal weapons, as they will just get up 10 seconds later.

To fully get rid of a Mummy and get Cloth from them, you will either need to destroy them with a Bomb or use a weapon with the Crusader enchantment.

There is a 20% chance that you will get one Cloth when you defeat a Mummy and a 5% chance to get two pieces of Cloth.

If you didn’t need Bombs or enchantments to fully defeat Mummies in Stardew Valley, this might just be the best way to get Cloth in the game.

Desert Trader

The Desert Trader in Stardew Valley’s Calico Desert will offer you a deal for Cloth every Wednesday.

For just three Aquamarines, you can get one piece of Cloth. If you spend enough time inside the Skull Cavern, you should have enough Aquamarines to take this deal on Wednesdays.

Recycling Machine

If Fishing is your favorite way to make money in Stardew Valley, then the Recycling Machine that you unlock at level 4 Fishing is a really good way to get Cloth.

Placing Soggy Newspapers inside the Recycling Machine has a 10% chance of giving you one piece of Cloth. Otherwise, you will get 3 Torches.

If you do a lot of Fishing in the early game, you can just keep all of the Soggy Newspapers that you catch and deposit them until you unlock the recipe for the Recycling Machine.

Then, just place them one by one in the machine, wait an hour, and hope that you get Cloth.

What to Do with Cloth

Cloth is an artisan good that mostly exists in Stardew Valley to sell. The base value of Cloth is 470 g. This is a 38% increase in price from the regular price of Wool, which is 340g.

However, for higher-quality Wool, such as Iridium Wool, which is worth 680 g, producing Cloth can result in a loss of money.

Since there is only a 50% chance that you will get two pieces of Cloth, you can lose out on money for no reason using the Loom.

The Artisan profession fixes this problem a bit since it increases the price of Cloth to 658 g, close to the value of Iridium Wool.

Here are three other things you can do with Cloth in Stardew Valley:

  • Craft the Dressed Spinner
  • Build the Mill
  • Complete the Artisan Bundle at the Community Center

The Dressed Spinner is a special fishing tackle that will lower the average fish-catching time by 7.5 seconds. You can craft it at level 8 Fishing, using 2 Iron Bars and 1 Cloth.

The Mill is a building you can make at Robin’s shop, that can help you make Flour and Sugar.

These two items are necessary for most cooking recipes, making them vital for most Stardew Valley players. You will need 4 Cloth to build the Mill.

Lastly, you can use one piece of Cloth to get closer to completing the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry inside the Community Center.

You still need 5 other items to complete the Bundle, but you will be closer to finishing it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Cloth in Stardew Valley!

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