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Stardew Valley has a lot more areas to explore than you would think at the start of the game. You first start with your farm and Pelican Town, and then you slowly discover the Beach, the Mountain, and the Cindersap Forest.

However, there are a lot more regions that you can explore, but you will need to advance through the main story to discover them. If you are wondering what the main plotline in Stardew Valley is, it is the Community Center.

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Once you advance through the Community Center, you can discover secret areas such as Calico Desert and Ginger Island.

To unlock and get to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley, you will need to fix the Bus. It doesn’t matter if you are doing Bundles at the Center or paying for improvements at JojaMart, you will need around 40k g to repair Pam’s Bus.

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How to Get to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley

The only way you can get to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley is to use the Bus at the Bus Stop, between your farm and Pelican Town. Unfortunately, you learn that the Bus broke down when you got into the village.

There are two ways to fix the Bus in Stardew Valley:

  • Complete the Vault Bundles in the Community Center
  • Purchase the Bus Joja Community Development from JojaMart

Completing the Vault Bundles

If you want to do this the canonical way, then you will need to complete the Vault Bundles in the Community Center. The Vault Bundles will become available after you manage to complete the other 4 Bundles first.

To finish the Vault Bundles and repair the Bus in Stardew Valley, you will need to donate this amounts of money:

  • 2,500 g
  • 5,000 g
  • 10,000 g
  • 25,000 g

This means that you will need to donate 42,500 g to the Vault to finish the Bundles and repair the Bus.

JojaMart Way

If you decide you just want to pay to repair everything in Pelican Town, then JojaMart is the way. You can instantly repair the Bus in Stardew Valley by just giving 40,000 g for the Community Development Project.

You don’t even have to do anything else beforehand. If you are a player that doesn’t care that much about the Community Center, then JojaMart is an amazing way to go. You will just need a lot of money.

After you give the money, you will have to wait a night and watch the JojaMart crew fix the Bus. After that, you can finally use it to get to one of the best destinations in Stardew Valley: the Desert.

How to Get to the Desert in Stardew Valley

Now that you fixed the Bus, you need to know how to use it. Pam will travel every day to the Bus Stop and reach it at 10:10 AM. She will then leave the Bus Stop at 5 PM if you don’t leave for the Desert.

Interact with the ticket machine and buy a ticket for 500 g. You will then instantly travel to the Calico Desert. Here, you will find a lot of new interesting things that you can interact with and make your experience a lot more enjoyable, such as:

  • The Oasis – A store that sells special seeds that you can’t buy from Pelican Town, run by a character that you can befriend.
  • The Desert Trader – A special store that exchanges resources you usually find in the Skull Cavern for very rare items.
  • The Skull Cavern – An evolved version of the Mines that is much more dangerous and rewarding.

If you want to go to the Desert earlier, you can bug out Pam by blocking her exit out of the house at 8:30 AM. This will cause her to walk through you and get to the Bus Stop faster (at 9:30 AM).

That’s everything you need to know about how to get to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley!

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