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There are many hidden items in Stardew Valley that you will not likely find even after a few playthroughs. Artifacts are some of the hidden items that don’t have a lot of uses, but you will often find them and wonder what to do with them.

Most Artifacts aren’t that useful. However, some of them can be used to complete Bundles, craft rare items, or get very unique animals for your farm.

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You should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t sell Artifacts, as most of them are extremely cheap and will likely be more useful in other situations.

For most Artifacts in Stardew Valley, you will just have to donate everything to the Museum. However, there are around 6 Artifacts that you can use to do other things before giving them to the Museum.

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What to Do With Artifacts in Stardew Valley

There are 42 Artifacts in total in Stardew Valley. Most of them are completely useless, as they only exist to help you fill up the Museum. Also, most Artifacts don’t cost more than 100 g, which doesn’t make them amazing money-making items.

Luckily, just donating some of these Artifacts to the Museum in Stardew Valley is going to give you some amazing rewards. Here are all the Artifacts in Stardew Valley that will give you special rewards if you donate them to the Museum:

  • Ancient Seed – Ancient Seed crafting recipe and 1 Ancient Seeds pack
  • All 4 Dwarf Scrolls – Dwarvish Translation Guide, which unlocks talking with the Dwarf in the Mines and in the Volcano Dungeon
  • Ancient Drum – Drum Block floor
  • Bone Flute – Flute Block floor
  • Chicken Statue – Chicken Statue furniture item
  • Prehistoric Bones – Sloth Skeleton furniture items
  • Rare Disc and Dwarf Gadget – ‘Burnt Offering’ painting

So, you should usually give these Artifacts to the Museum as you can easily get some useful rewards. On the other hand, there are some Artifacts that would be better used for other things:

Craft Ancient Seeds

The first time you find an Ancient Seed Artifact, you can give it to the Museum to learn the Ancient Seeds recipe. Once you learn this recipe, you can start making Ancient Seeds to plant for Ancient Fruit from the Ancient Seed Artifacts that you find.

The Ancient Fruit is one of the best crops in Stardew Valley when it comes to leveling up your Farming skill and making money, no matter if it is Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Raise Dinosaurs

If you find your first Dinosaur Egg, you don’t have to necessarily donate it to the Museum. You can hatch it using the Incubator to get a Dinosaur as a Barn animal.

The Dinosaur will start producing Dinosaur Eggs every 7 days as long as you feed them every day. This way, you can also donate the egg to the Museum and start getting an endless supply of Dinosaur Eggs.

You can also turn Dinosaur Eggs into Dinosaur Mayonnaise using the Mayonnaise Machine unlocked at level 2 Farming.

Complete Fish Pond Quests

If you like using Fish Ponds to get resources in Stardew Valley, then you also know you might occasionally need weird items to complete population growth quests.

For some of the Fish Ponds, you might need some Artifacts to increase the number of fishes. Here are all the Artifacts that can be used for Fish Pond quests and the fish you will need them for:

  • Dwarf Scroll I and II – Ghostfish (pop. 7)
  • Dwarf Scroll III – Lava Eel (pop. 3)
  • Dried Starfish – Super Cucumber, Octopus, Rainbow Trout, Spook Fish (pop. 5)
  • Golden Relic – Sandfish, Scorpion Carp (pop. 5)

This means that you should keep one or two of these Artifacts if you have any plans of raising any of these fish in a Fish Pond.

Make Fertilizer

The prehistoric bones and fossils are actually much more useful than they seem. Every time you get an Artifact that is either a prehistoric bone or a fossil, you can use it at the Bone Mill to make Fertilizer.

To unlock the Bone Mill crafting recipe, you will need to complete the “Fragments of the past” special order for Gunther, where you will have to give him 100 bones.

So, the first time you get a prehistoric bone or fossil, give it to the Museum. Afterward, if the description doesn’t say that you should give the item to Gunther, then use it to get Fertilizer for your crops.

Craft the Farm Computer

The Farm Computer is an incredibly useful item that will allow you to learn how many crops you have on the farm, if there are any that are ready for harvest, if there are forageable items on the farm, and many other important facts.

To build this machine, you will need the Dwarf Gadget. So, make sure to keep one in one of your chests until you can fulfill the special order for Demetrius to get the Farm Computer recipe.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with Artifacts in Stardew Valley!

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