Stardew Valley – Enchanting Guide: How to Enchant Tools & Weapons

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As you progress in Stardew Valley, you will discover new regions and secrets. The Forge is an amazing machinery that can enchant weapons and tools and give them perks that will make them much more useful and powerful.

To enchant items in Stardew Valley, you will have to use Prismatic Shards, which are incredibly hard to get, and Cinder Shards.

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Though enchanting is an amazing mechanic in Stardew Valley, most players don’t even know how to use it and are usually confused when they bump into the huge Forge in the Volcano Dungeon.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about enchanting in Stardew Valley and exactly what perks you can get for all of the weapons and tools.

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What is Enchanting in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, once you manage to reach Ginger Island, you will discover a new mining/combat location called the Volcano Dungeon.

This place is very different from the Mines and Skull Cavern since there aren’t any staircases.

You can only advance from floor to floor by going through cave doors. Once you reach level 10, you will discover a hidden room where the Forge is waiting for you.

This structure will allow you to upgrade tools and weapons in Stardew Valley by enchanting them with special perks. These incredible perks can make some of your basic tools extremely useful.

Some possible enchantments for tools are 0 Energy consumption, infinite water for the Watering Can, and extra area of effect for charged tool uses.

How to Enchant Weapons and Tools in Stardew Valley

If you interact with the Forge, you will open a menu where it says that you can place a weapon or tool in the left-hand slot to enchant.

Place a Prismatic Shard in the right-hand slot and then drag 20 Cinder Shards in the slot under the Prismatic Shard square. Press the hammer button, and your tool/weapon will get an enchantment.

There are three types of tools that you can’t actually enchant, such as the Copper Pan, Scythe, and Trash Can. Also, you get to keep the enchantment for the tool even if you upgrade it at the Blacksmith.

Each tool/weapon in Stardew Valley can only have one enchantment. If you want a different enchantment, you just have to follow the previous instructions for that tool/weapon again and change the enchantment.

An enchanted item remembers the previous two enchantments it had, and it doesn’t give them again if you use the Forge again with that tool/weapon.

All Possible Enchantment Effects for Weapons

Here are all the randomized enchantments that weapons can get in Stardew Valley when you use the Forge:

  • Artful – 50% cooldown for special moves.
  • Bug Killer – Double damage to bug-type monsters. Can kill armored bugs.
  • Crusader – 50% more damage to mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and void spirits. Stops mummies from getting back up.
  • Vampiric – 9% chance to regain some health on every kill. The amount healed is 9 to 10% of the monster’s maximum health.
  • Haymaker – Cutting weeds/grass has a 50% chance of also dropping extra fiber and a 33% chance of extra hay.

As you can see, most weapon enchantments aren’t really worth the effort.

The only good enchantment in Stardew Valley for weapons is the Crusader one since it can help you defeat mummies for good.

All Possible Enchantment Effects for Tools

There are a lot more enchantments for tools than for weapons in Stardew Valley, and many of them are worth all the Prismatic Shards you can gather.

Here is a list of all the possible tool enchantments in Stardew Valley, along with their effects:

  • Auto-Hook (Fishing Rod) – Automatically starts the fishing minigame when the fish bites.
  • Archaeologist (Hoe) – +100% chance of finding Artifacts in artifact spots.
  • Bottomless (Watering Can) – Infinite water.
  • Efficient (All Tools) – No energy drain.
  • Generous (Hoe) – 50% chance of double item from digging.
  • Master (Fishing Rod) – Extra Fishing level.
  • Powerful (Axe and Pickaxe) – Extra power level.
  • Preserving (Fishing Rod) – 50% chance that Bait and Tackle aren’t consumed.
  • Reaching (Hoe and Watering Can) – Increases the maximum area of effect of charged uses.
  • Shaving (Axe) – Extra wood from all trees.
  • Swift (Axe, Hoe, and Pickaxe) – 33% faster.

That’s everything you need to know about enchanting in Stardew Valley!

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