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Stardew Valley might trick players at times with its simple graphics and gameplay. Though the game is usually just a simple farming simulator, you will often have to get weird resources such as the battery pack.

This item might seem out of place, and it is relatively hard to get. However, it is necessary to reach Ginger Island and build some really useful items.

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Most of the craftable items that will require battery packs are really high level and will only be available when you reach around level 8 or 9 in some of the main skills.

To get a battery pack in Stardew Valley, players will first need to get their hands on a lightning rod, wait for a storm, and collect the pack from the rod once it’s charged.

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How to Get a Lightning Rod in Stardew Valley

To get a battery pack in Stardew Valley, you will first need to get a lightning rod. The role of lighting rods is to protect your farm from lightning storms.

Usually, if a storm starts in Stardew Valley, lightning will randomly hit trees, crops, or buildings on your farm. To protect your farm from a lot of future repairs, you will have to place some lightning rods.

There are two ways to get lightning rods in Stardew Valley:

  • Get it from the 10,000 Bundle
  • Craft it at level 6 Foraging

If you only need one lightning rod, you can just complete the 10,000 Bundle at the Community Center. It becomes available after completing 4 bundles and will only require you to pay 10k g.

Unfortunately, a single lightning rod will not be enough to collect a lot of battery packs, so you will also need to craft a few.

To make a lighting rod in Stardew Valley you will need to reach level 6 Foraging to unlock the recipe and the following items to actually make one:

  • 1 Iron Bar
  • 1 Refined Quartz
  • 5 Bat Wings

Once you’ve got a few lightning rods, place them anywhere you want on the farm. Their exact location doesn’t matter, as lightning will automatically hit them. If none of the lightning rods has been hit yet, there is a 100% chance that one will be struck by the first lightning.

Afterward, the percentage will slowly fall and there will be a chance that random things on your farm will be hit during the storm.

How to Get a Battery Pack in Stardew Valley

Now that you have a nice little lightning rod farm next to your house, wait for a storm to come. The longer you stay awake during a storm, the more lightning bolts will hit your farm.

This is exactly what you need, as you have to charge all of the lightning rods. You can tell a lightning rod is charged if it is slightly bouncing.

To get battery packs in Stardew Valley, just go the day after the storm to loot the lightning rods. You will get a battery pack per charged lightning rod.

This is the best way to get battery packs in Stardew Valley. However, here are some other methods you can try in the meantime:

  • Use solar panels
  • Purchase from Traveling Cart
  • Farm Iridium Bats
  • Complete the Children’s Bundle

Solar Panels

Lightning rods are very useful because they will get you a lot of battery packs during storms. However, what can you do if it is sunny every day?

Well, if you have unlocked Ginger Island and completed the Island Ingredients special order for Caroline, you will have the recipe for the solar panel.

This item will give you a battery pack each time 7 sunny days in a row have passed. The problem with the solar panel is that 7 sunny days in a row don’t happen very often.

To craft a solar panel in Stardew Valley, you will need 10 refined quartz, 5 iron bars, and 5 gold bars. You can place them anywhere on your farm, as they will work the same wherever they are located.

Traveling Cart

If you don’t want to just wait for the weather to be on your side, you can hope that the Traveling Merchant has what you need.

The Traveling Cart will appear every Friday and Sunday south of your farm, in the Cindersap Forest, northwest of the lake there.

The Traveling Merchant will have her shop open until 8 PM on those two days and will always offer a different stock every time you talk to her.

In general, most of the goods the Traveling Merchant sells are very inflated and are relatively randomized. You might even find some items at cheaper prices than usual.

Players can buy battery packs from her if she has them in stock, and they will cost somewhere between 1.5k and 2.5k g. So, just check her stock every Friday and Sunday and hope that she has a few battery packs for you.

Iridium Bats

Though this might not be the best way to get a battery pack in Stardew Valley, it is a good choice for players that like combat.

Iridium bats live in the Skull Cavern on all the floors lower than floor 51 and have a really low chance of dropping a battery pack each time they are killed.

If you spend a lot of time in the mines, make sure to get rid of every iridium bat you see, as you can get a few battery packs if luck is on your side.

Children’s Bundle

The last way to get a few battery packs in Stardew Valley is to complete the Children’s Bundle at the Community Center.

Though this isn’t a long-term solution, and it will just provide you with 3 battery packs, it is still decent if you just want to craft an item that needs 1 battery pack or you want to prepare for Ginger Island.

The Children’s Bundle will become available after you complete 3 bundles. The Bulletin Board will unlock, giving you the chance to get 3 battery packs for a relatively low effort.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a battery pack in Stardew Valley!

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