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One of the first challenges that you will face in Stardew Valley will be reviving your grandfather’s farm. Right now, it is just full of weeds and stones that stop you from growing crops.

Well, after clearing the land a bit and losing probably all of your energy, you will have to plant some crops and water them.

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However, the basic watering can from the start of the game can only be used 40 times until it will need a refill. Since you will have to water your plants every day, you will need to fill them up every once in a while.

To fill your watering can in Stardew Valley, just approach a body of water (a lake on your farm) and use the can on the water to fill it (left-click or press C).

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How to Fill the Watering Can in Stardew Valley

To fill a watering can in Stardew Valley, players just need to approach a body of water while holding the can and press the use tool button (left-click on PC). It’s the same button you used to pour water on the crops.

Players can fill the watering can at any time, even if it isn’t completely empty. The normal watering can from the start of the game can only pour water 40 times.

As you progress through the game, you will get access to better watering cans, which will increase the amount of water they can hold and give you new watering skills.

When you upgrade your watering can for the first time, press and hold left-click to see the new ability you have unlocked for the tool. You should be able to water more plants at once after you get one or two upgrades on your watering can.

How to Upgrade the Watering Can in Stardew Valley

To upgrade the watering can, head over to Clint’s shop (Blacksmith) and give the required materials and money.

Upgrading a tool in Stardew Valley takes two days. For some of the other tools, it might not matter as much, but you will need to use the watering can almost every day.

The only days you won’t have to use it is during rainy days. So, check the TV to see if the next day will rain. If it will, give Clint the watering can that day after using it since you won’t need it the next day.

You can also upgrade the watering can on the 27th day of the season, as most crops won’t grow by the end of the season and will instantly die on the 1st of the next season.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fill the watering can in Stardew Valley!

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