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The greenhouse in Stardew Valley is the best place to grow crops throughout the year, as the season does not matter inside this big glass building.

Since fruit trees will produce resources every day once they have grown, these would be extremely useful in the greenhouse.

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By placing fruit trees in the greenhouse, players can grow all 8 types of fruit, no matter the season. Since plants are safe at all times inside the greenhouse, this will bring you a constant source of fruits.

Trees need to have two spaces between each other. Luckily, you can plant them on the edges inside the greenhouse. The best way to plant trees in the greenhouse in Stardew Valley is to leave them on the exterior side of the house, next to the decorations.

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How to Plant Trees in Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

If you have a tree sapling in your inventory, equip it, and walk around the greenhouse, you will notice that you can plant them anywhere.

Trees in Stardew Valley need to have the 8 spaces surrounding them free when you want to plant them. This means that nothing can stand right next to them.

If you want to place two trees next to each other, you will need to leave 2 spaces between them. Otherwise, the game will just say that they are too close to each other.

The greenhouse is the best place to grow crops and trees since you can raise any crop, no matter the season. Unfortunately, trees take up a lot of space, as they stop any crop from growing next to them.

Luckily, trees can be planted on the side of the greenhouse, where it looks like nothing is supposed to grow. You can see in the image above how we planted all the fruit trees in Stardew Valley inside the greenhouse on the pavement.

Since normal crops can only grow on the interior ground, your best choice would be to plant your trees on the sides.

Best Way to Plant Trees Inside the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

If you optimize your tree spacing, you should be able to plant 18 trees inside the greenhouse and still have space to fill the place with crops.

The way the room is made, you should plant 6 trees north, 4 on the eastern and western sides, and 4 in the southern part of the greenhouse. Just look to make sure that you leave 2 spaces between them and you should be able to easily fill the place with trees.

Since you can place 18 trees on the sides of the greenhouse, you might want to try to plant all of the fruit trees in Stardew Valley. Since there are only 8, you can put two of each type and still have room for an extra two trees at the end.

If aesthetics are important, you should know that the optimal way to place the trees inside the greenhouse is also perfectly symmetrical. So, your greenhouse won’t suddenly look ugly just because you used it right.

Also, you shouldn’t plant normal trees, such as maple or oak, since you can get their syrup during any season.

That’s everything you need to know about how to plant trees in the greenhouse in Stardew Valley!

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