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Probably the most annoying aspect of the early game in Stardew Valley is the limited Backpack space. With just a line of 12 slots, you are limited to carrying only the bare minimum with you on your adventures.

Considering that you have at least 5 tools that you will likely want with you at all times, 12 slots isn’t nearly enough to go exploring the Mines or to go Fishing. Even collecting your crops can be annoying if you have more than one type.

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This is why players will need to buy a Backpack and upgrade their maximum amount of slots for items. After a few upgrades, you will have so much space that you won’t know what to do with it.

The location where you can buy the Backpack upgrades in Stardew Valley is Pierre’s Store, right in the middle of Pelican Town.

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Why You Should Buy a Backpack

At the start of Stardew Valley, players only have 12 slots in their inventory to carry items with them outside of the Farm.

If you want to carry even more items with you, you will need to buy a new, improved Backpack.

There are two Backpacks you can buy in Stardew Valley, the Large Pack and the Deluxe Pack, which will increase the maximum amount of items you can carry to 24 and 36, respectively.

Most players will likely want to carry all of their tools with them at all times. There are 5 tools at the start of Stardew Valley.

After a bit of playtime, you will also get weapons and new, unique tools, such as the Copper Pan and the Fishing Rod.

So, inventory slots will be really important if you don’t want to constantly leave items in a chest at home every time you leave the house.

Where to Buy the Backpack in Stardew Valley

The place where you can buy the Backpack upgrades in Stardew Valley is Pierre’s Store.

This store is situated right in the middle of Pelican Town, and it is very hard to miss.

To find it from your farm, just get out of the house and walk to the region to the right. You will reach the Bus Stop area. Continue walking to the right until you enter a new region, which is Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley - Where to Buy Backpack Pierre's Store

Walk again straight to the right, and you will see a Clinic that is attached to a bigger building that has “Pierre’s” written on it.

Enter that building from 9 AM to 9 PM, and you will find the Backpack sitting on the counter of the shop, with a big “For Sale” sign under it, pointing an arrow to it.

Interact with it, and you will find out that the first Backpack costs 2,000 g. After you buy it, you will instantly unlock a new line of 12 slots in the inventory, increasing the maximum capacity to 24 slots.

The moment you purchase the red Backpack, a new blue Backpack will appear in its place. This one will cost 10,000 g, and it will increase your maximum inventory slots to 34.

You can buy both of these Backpacks from day 1 if you somehow manage to make the money in that time.

That’s everything you need to know about where to buy the Backpack in Stardew Valley!

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