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There are a lot of villagers in Stardew Valley that you can befriend if you spend the necessary time talking to them and getting to know them. Some of these villagers are more interesting than others, as you can romance them.

Romanceable characters are the bread and butter of Stardew Valley, as you go looking for them every day, hoping to find and give them the perfect gift.

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One interesting romanceable character that all players will want to befriend is Shane. Though he might seem like a total mess and an alcoholic, he really has a nice side to him that you can only discover by seeing his friendship events.

If you are wondering where Shane is located in Stardew Valley, you will need to learn his pattern and see exactly when he leaves his house. This is exactly what we will show you in this guide.

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Where Does Shane Live in Stardew Valley?

Usually, the best way to find where someone is located in Stardew Valley is to wait in front of their house when they start their day.

The exact time when an NPC leaves their house can be very different, but this is what this guide will help you with. Shane lives in Marnie’s Ranch, just south of the Farm.

If you open your map, you just need to look a bit down from your house. If you hover over the house with a Silo and a Barn, you will find Marnie’s Ranch, home of Marnie, Jas, and Shane.

Where Does Shane Live in Stardew Valley Map

You can see the exact location on the Stardew Valley map in the image above. You can also see what the room in the house where Shane lives looks like in the screenshot at the top of the guide.

Depending on the state of the Community Center, Shance can either be found in Stardew Valley in his house, working at JojaMart, or drinking in the Stardrop Saloon.

If you know what gifts Shane likes, you can easily get to 2 hearts and access his room every day to get some more friendship points.

Where is Shane Located? – Shane’s Daily Schedule

Shane is probably one of the easiest NPCs to find in Stardew Valley because his schedule is the same no matter the season. Due to his job at JojaMart, you can always find him working there during weekdays.

So, here is the exact schedule that Shane follows from Monday to Friday if you haven’t fixed the Community Center:

  • Leaves Marnie’s Ranch at 7:10 AM to go to work at JojaMart.
  • Stays there until 5 PM, when he leaves to drink at the Stardrop Saloon.
  • He leaves the Saloon at 11:10 PM to head back home to sleep.

On Saturdays, Shane will leave his room at 9 AM and just stand in the kitchen until around 12 PM, when he heads over to Pierre’s Store.

He will then stand in there for 5 hours until 5 PM when he leaves to drink in the Stardrop Saloon again.

Sundays are the only different days for Shane, where he changes what he does based on the season. Usually, he will spend most of the time inside the house.

However, during the Spring, he never leaves his room, and during the Summer, he heads to the Saloon to drink at 5 PM, as per usual.

Schedule Deviations

On rainy Saturdays and Sundays, Shane will go to JojaMart to work and will follow the normal weekday schedule.

His whole schedule will change if you fix the Community Center since he loses his job and doesn’t have anything to do anymore.

If you complete all the Bundles in the Community Center in Stardew Valley, you can find Shane standing around in Marnie’s Ranch all day, doing nothing. He will now go even earlier to drink, going to the Stardrop Saloon from 2 PM.

That’s everything you need to know about where Shane is located in Stardew Valley!

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