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There are a lot of villagers in Stardew Valley that you can befriend if you spend the necessary time talking to them and getting to know them. Some of these villagers are more interesting than others, as you can romance them.

Romanceable characters are the bread and butter of Stardew Valley, as you go looking for them every day, hoping to find and give them the perfect gift.

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One interesting romanceable character that all players will want to befriend is Sebastian. Though he might seem a bit anti-social, he will slowly open his hard shell to you as you get more and more hearts with him.

If you are wondering where to find Sebastian in Stardew Valley, you will need to learn his pattern and see exactly when he leaves his house. This is exactly what we will show you in this guide.

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Where Does Sebastian Live in Stardew Valley?

Usually, the best way to find where someone is located in Stardew Valley is to wait in front of their house when they start their day.

The exact time when an NPC leaves their house can be very different, but this is what this guide will help you with. Sebastian lives in the Carpenter’s Shop, just north of Pelican Town, into the Mountains.

If you open your map, you just need to look close to the mountains and then west of the lake there. If you hover over the blue house, you will find the Carpenter’s Shop, home of Robin, Demetrius, Sebastian, and Maru.

Stardew Valley - Where to Find Sebastian Map

You can see the exact location on the Stardew Valley map in the image above. You can also see what the Carpenter’s Shop looks like in the screenshot at the top of the guide.

Luckily, Sebastian spends most of his time at home or around the house, which makes him easy to find. However, he will often be closed off in his room, which should be inaccessible until you get at least 2 hearts with him.

If you know what gifts Sebastian likes, you can easily get to 2 hearts and access his room every day to get some more friendship points.

Where to Find Sebastian – Sebastian’s Daily Schedule

Most NPCs in Stardew Valley have a relatively basic schedule that is easy to follow and remember.

Unfortunately, Sebastian is an active young man, and he will walk all over the place during the weekend. However, you should easily find him at home on most weekdays.

Sebastian has a relatively consistent schedule during all seasons, and he spends most of his days doing the same exact thing:

On every day of the week besides Fridays and Saturdays, Sebastian will get out of his bed at 10:30 AM and stand at his computer. At 3 PM, he heads over to the kitchen, and then, at 3:30, he goes back into the room, back at the computer.

Sebastian will then leave the house at 6:30 PM to stand next to the lake and smoke. He goes back into the house at 9:30.

On Fridays, Sebastian will follow the same schedule until 3 PM, when he goes to the Stardrop Saloon to play pool with Sam. He goes back home at 9:10 PM.

On Saturdays, Sebastian will leave the Carpenter’s Shop, his home, at 9 AM to meet with Sam in front of his house. At 11:30 AM, they will stand together in front of Haley’s and Emily’s house.

At 12:30, they will head inside Sam’s room and will leave the place at 6 PM to smoke by the river. Sebastian will head back home at 7:30 PM.

Looking at his general schedule, it seems it would be a good idea to find Sebastian by the lake during weekdays, around 7 or 8 PM, to raise your hearts to 2, and then start visiting him at the house, in his room.

Schedule Deviations

On rainy days, Sebastian will either head to the Saloon from 3 to 9:10 PM or he will stand on the western pier on the beach from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.

Once you unlock the railroad, Sebastian will change his schedule on Thursdays. He will leave the house at 2 PM to go to the Train Station and smoke and stand around there until 9:30 PM.

The only other deviation from the schedule is that, on Summer 4, he leaves his home at 11:30 AM for his yearly check-up at Harvey’s Clinic and starts going back to the house at 4 PM.

That’s everything you need to know about where Sebastian lives in Stardew Valley!

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