Stardew Valley – How to Make Vinegar: Is It Possible?

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There are a lot of cooking ingredients that you can use in Stardew Valley to make amazing recipes and foods that both your character and other villagers will thoroughly enjoy.

Vinegar is one of these cooking ingredients that people will want to use for some of their cooking recipes. It is a vital ingredient in four recipes, and there is no way to go around it.

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However, if you look through all the items you’ve unlocked either by Farming or Foraging, you will notice that none of them will actually help you make Vinegar.

So, is there a way to make Vinegar in Stardew Valley, and if so, how can you actually do it? We will give you all the answers you need below.

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Can You Make Vinegar in Stardew Valley?

No, there is no way to make Vinegar in Stardew Valley. There aren’t many items in this game that you can’t craft or make, but Vinegar is one of them.

Vinegar is actually the only cooking ingredient in Stardew Valley that you can’t make as an artisan good, as you would with most of the other ingredients.

How to Get Vinegar in Stardew Valley

The only way you can get Vinegar in Stardew Valley is to buy it at Pierre’s General Store for 200 g. There is no other way you can obtain this cooking ingredient in the game.

JojaMart doesn’t sell Vinegar, which kinda makes it not worth the Membership.

Even if you complete their Community Developments and get cheaper prices with them, you will still have to visit Pierre’s Store to get Vinegar.

Also, if you buy it, you should never sell it, as you would only get 100 g back. It would be better to keep it until you might want to cook one of the recipes from below in the future.

Recipes That Need Vinegar

Here is a list of all the cooking recipes that need Vinegar in Stardew Valley:

  • Coleslaw – Red Cabbage, Vinegar, and Mayonnaise (Recipe Source: TV, 14 Spring, Year 1)
  • Parsnip Soup – Parsnip, Milk, and Vinegar (Recipe Source: 3 hearts with Caroline)
  • Radish Salad – Oil, Vinegar, and Radish (Recipe Source: TV, 21 Spring, Year 1)
  • Salad – Leek, Dandelion, and Vinegar (Recipe Source: 3 hearts with Emily)

None of these dishes give you any buffs, so they are relatively good as healing and energy-replenishing food items if you ever want to go explore the Skull Cavern or Volcano Dungeon for a longer time.

The Coleslaw and the Radish Salad are actually incredibly good healing dishes, as they both recover around 90 HP and 200 Energy.

Radishes are extremely easy and fast to grow, and you can get both Oil and Vinegar from Pierre’s.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make Vinegar in Stardew Valley!

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