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There are five major skills in Stardew Valley, and for every 5 levels, you will have to choose special Professions that give you bonuses in those skills.

Unfortunately, getting a Profession at level 5 will block you from two potential Professions at level 10. Since most players have no idea what Professions will be available at level 10, they tend to choose the worse Profession path in Stardew Valley and end up regretting it.

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So, the normal choice here would be to change your Profession and get the exact bonuses you actually want. But, is it actually possible?

You can change your Profession in Stardew Valley at any time in your playthrough as long as you’ve gained access to the Sewers. You just need to spend 10k g at the Statue of Uncertainty to change the Profession for one of the skills.

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How to Change Your Profession in Stardew Valley

To change your Profession in Stardew Valley, you need to give 10,000 g to the Statue of Uncertainty inside the Sewers. You will then have to choose which skill’s Professions you want to change.

That night, you will get a screen where you can now rechoose your Profession for that skill.

Players will first have to choose their level 5 Profession, and if you reached level 10, you will also get the menu to select your level 10 Profession

This will allow you to get the best possible Professions in Stardew Valley and make the most out of the bonuses you get from them.

If you use the Statue of Uncertainty in Stardew Valley, you will also wake up the next day with a full Energy bar, as you would if you leveled up. This can be a good way to beat the system if you plan on fainting away from the house.

You can do this every day to change all of your Professions, and all you will lose is money.

Unfortunately, unlocking the Sewers is a relatively late-game endeavor that you will most likely achieve in Year 2.

How to Unlock the Sewers and Get the Rusty Key

To unlock the Sewers in Stardew Valley, you will first need to get the Rusty Key.

Players can get the Rusty Key from Gunther, the villager who handles the Museum, after donating 60 items.

Players will realize that they can get the Rusty Key from Gunther after witnessing a cutscene in the Cindersap Forest after Spring 11, Year 1, where Jas and Vincent talk about it while standing next to the Sewers entrance.

You can donate a total of 95 items to the Museum, so getting to 60 items can be quite the challenge.

Players can get inside the Sewers either through the grates in the Cindersap Forest, where you witnessed the cutscene with Jas and Vincent, or through the sewer cover in Pelican Town, next to the Graveyard.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change your Profession in Stardew Valley!

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