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Building a team of heroes is one of the main parts of Taptap Heroes.

Without a great team, you’re going to face many difficulties later on in the game.

Though you can progress relatively easy at the beginning of the game, you might as well begin to consider what team you want to build early on.

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This guide gives you things to keep in mind that can help you create the best team in Taptap Heroes and shows you actual teams created by top players.

Firstly, having a variety of classes on your team is essential, as a mix of attackers, supports, and tanks generally beat those focusing on only one thing. The faction advantages system is also important to keep in mind, as having too many of the same faction can be a disadvantage in battle.

In games like Taptap Heroes, some heroes are simply better than others at filling certain positions, so going for high-tier heroes will help out your team. Lastly, some heroes do very well with others because of combos and synergies.

You can find more details on all these things, as well as examples of teams created by top players, below.

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Best teams in Taptap Heroes

Building a strong team is essential if you wish to take on end-game content and compete with top players.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered a bunch of amazing teams created by top players in the game.

You can use these examples as guidance when creating your own team or simply copy one you like.

  • Team 1 Frontline: Sigurd, Koshka, Ould. Backline: Nyx, Nyx, Nyx.
  • Team 2 Frontline: Azathoth, Nyx, Nyx. Backline: Nyx, Skuld, Koshka.
  • Team 3 Frontline: Sigurd, Ould, Koshka. Backline: Nyx, Nyx, Azathoth.
  • Team 4 Frontline: Azathoth, Sigurd, Skuld. Backline: Nyx, Nyx, Ould.
  • Team 5 Frontline: Nyx, Skuld, Star Eclipse Witch-Freya. Backline: Azathoth, Chessia, Ould.
  • Team 6 Frontline: Nyx, Phoenix, Loreley. Backline: Skuld, Hodur, Aegina.
  • Team 7 Frontline: Nyx, Sigurd, Chessia. Backline: Ould, Skuld, Valkyrie.
  • Team 8 Frontline: Phoenix, Valkyrie, Aegina. Backline: Skuld, Baal, Shudde M’ell.

These teams are sure to do well throughout the campaign and in the arena.

Adapting some of the compositions above to your own team could help your current team if you’re stuck at a specific stage.

As most players won’t be able to get all their desired heroes in one go, we recommend you build your team gradually as you gather more heroes throughout your adventures.

Variety of classes

Heroes in Taptap Heroes can be divided into three overall classes – attackers, supports, and tanks.

Having the right combination of these classes on your team is essential later on when you face incredible teams.

If you have too many damage dealers, you’re going to lack tankiness and utility, which is often the situation players find themselves in.

Likewise, you can also have too many either support heroes or tanks.

A combination we’ve found to be strong is one tank, two damage dealers, and three supports.

This combination can, of course, be altered, as some teams might work great with two supports and three damage dealers, etc.

Some heroes like Monkey King, who acts as a tank, but does just as much damage as an attacker, can’t be considered entirely one or the other, so take our exact distribution of classes with a grain of salt, it is merely a general rule of thumb.

Our combination recommendation does, however, show how important it is to have a diversified set of classes.

The game has a lot of great support heroes, which is why many teams choose to bring so many of them.

Whether a hero is considered an attacker, a tank, a support, or two at the same time depends on the individual hero’s skillset and stats.

Nevertheless, all heroes in Taptap Heroes belong to one of the following classes assigned by the game.

  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Wanderer
  • Mage
  • Cleric

Warriors are generally considered tanks, but sometimes also attackers.

Assassins, wanderers, and mages are considered attackers.

Clerics are considered supports.

You can browse all heroes by faction in the gallery and see their role by selecting them.

Taptap Heroes gallery of heroes

Faction advantages

Another thing to consider when choosing heroes for your team is factions.

Taptap Heroes feature a faction advantages system, which makes factions deal an extra 30% damage at a 15% higher accuracy to certain factions while taking an extra 30% damage from certain factions at a 15% higher accuracy.

Because of this, it is important not to have too many heroes of the same faction on your team.

If you, for example, run into a team full of heroes of the alliance faction and you have a team full of horde heroes, you’re going to be at a big disadvantage.

There are 6 different factions in the Taptap Heroes:

  • Alliance (Blue)
  • Horde (Orange)
  • Elf (Purple)
  • Undead (Green)
  • Heaven (Yellow)
  • Hell (Red)
  • Cosmic (Turquoise)

Here is the rundown of which factions counters who:

  • Alliance beats Horde but is countered by Undead.
  • Horde beats Elf but is countered by Alliance.
  • Elf beats Undead but is countered by Horde.
  • Undead beats Alliance but is countered by Elf.
  • Heaven beats Hell but is also countered by Hell.
  • Hell beats Heaven but is also countered by Heaven.
  • Cosmic does not deal any additional damage to any faction and doesn’t receive any additional damage from any faction.

A visual representation of this can be seen in the image below.

Taptap Heroes faction advantages

You don’t need to have a hero of each faction on your team.

The important thing is just that you don’t have too many of the same faction.

If you have four heroes of the Alliance faction, for example, then you want to change your team a bit.

Synergies and combos

Because all heroes in Taptap Heroes are unique and have different skillsets, powerful combos and synergies emerge.

Taking advantage of these combos can greatly improve your team, thus increasing your chances of victory.

An example of a great combo and thereby synergy between heroes is Monkey King and Skuld.

Monkey King deals more damage the more hits he tanks, but he obviously can’t tank forever.

Skuld can, however, keep Monkey King alive for a long time because of her immense healing, resulting in a much higher total damage output from Monkey King throughout a battle.

Other great hero combos and synergies include Centaur & Scarlet, Tesla & Gerald, and Nameless King & Luna.

Taptap Heroes team setup screenshot

Heroes for your team

There are a lot of different heroes to choose from in Taptap Heroes.

We’ve already covered many things regarding team building that can help you build a great team.

But where do you begin with so many different directions to go?

We recommend you pick one or two heroes you want to have on your team and then build around that.

Some heroes in Taptap Heroes simply are better than most, making them an excellent starting point for building your team.

Heroes that fit these criteria include:

  • Nyx
  • Skuld
  • Star Eclipse Witch-Freya
  • Perpetual Flame Phoenix

There are, of course, other great heroes to build a team around.

You can find more heroes as well as see their class and faction in our Taptap Heroes tier list.

That’s our take on how to build a great team in Taptap Heroes as well as examples of actual teams created by top players.

If you have any input or suggestions for this team building guide, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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