Taptap Heroes – Resources Guide: How To Get Gold, Gems, Purple Soul, etc.

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To keep up with the increasing difficulty of stages in Taptap Heroes, you need to gather resources.

The primary use of resources is upgrading your heroes in various ways and purchasing items that help your team.

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In this guide, we teach you what each of the main resources is used for and how to get them.

In short, these are the main ways to get each resource.

Gold is obtained primarily through completing stages, collecting idle rewards, quests, and the Mine.

You obtain purple soul by breaking down heroes in the Altar, farming stages, buying from the Market, and collecting idle rewards.

Golden soul can be obtained by beating levels in the Den of Secrets, completing quests, breaking down heroes, and from the Market.

You can farm gems by completing quests, Tavern missions, and completing missions.

Equipment can both be found in stages, bought from the Market, and crafted at the Blacksmith.

Details on all these resources and how to get them below.

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How to get gold

Gold is the common currency in Taptap Heroes.

You need gold for purposes such as leveling up your heroes, upgrading them, and purchasing items and crafting equipment.

Gold is, therefore, an essential resource to collect and farm, especially because costs increase exponentially over time.

We recommend you take advantage of any opportunity you come across that gives gold.

The main way to get gold in Taptap Heroes is by completing stages and collecting idle rewards.

The amount of gold you get from completing stages increases the further into the game you progress.

Likewise, you’ll earn more gold from idling when you’ve reached later stages.

Other ways to get gold relatively quickly include completing quests, battling in the Den of Secrets, and using the free daily alchemy claim by pressing the gold icon in the top right corner.

The Mine inside the guild tab and Tavern missions in the castle tab both give quite a bit of gold, but do require time to complete.

Taptap Heroes gold from mine

How to get purple soul

Purple soul is another resource you want to collect as much as possible.

Purple soul is used to level up heroes, and like gold, the cost of purple soul required to level up heroes increase exponentially.

You can, therefore, never get too much purple soul. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to get your hands on this resource.

You get most of your purple soul from idle rewards, completing quests, and beating stages.

There are, however, a couple of other ways to get purple soul as well.

These include purchasing it directly from the Market using gold or gems, claiming the free gift in the right side menu, and breaking down heroes in the Altar.

Taptap Heroes purple soul from idle rewards

How to get golden soul

Golden soul is used for upgrading heroes in Taptap Heroes.

When a hero reaches a level cap, like 30, you need golden soul to upgrade it so it can keep leveling up past the level cap.

Even though you don’t need that much golden soul at the beginning of the game, you’re going to need a ton of it later on.

Therefore, you might as well start farming it now and save it for later.

You’re primarily going to get golden soul from breaking heroes in the Altar, but you can also get quite a bit from completing various quests, especially the campaign ones.

Some levels in the Den of Secrets also give golden soul as a reward.

Like purple soul, you can also purchase golden soul directly from the Market for gold or gems.

Taptap Heroes golden soul from altar

How to get gems

The premium currency in Taptap Heroes is gems.

You can buy all the most valuable items in the game with gems, including miracle summons, bulks of resources, and time skips.

Because gems are so useful, they’re not easy to farm a lot of. But there are some ways to get gems in the game through ordinary gameplay.

The best way to farm gems in the game is by completing quests.

Many daily quests give gems, but you should aim to complete weekly and campaign quests for gems, as they give way more.

You will also get gems as a reward for clearing specific stages, but most don’t give any.

Tavern missions in the Castle often offer gems as a reward, so be sure to start those and collect the gems later.

Lastly, you can get 30 gems by watching an ad through the gem bag icon in the Castle.

Taptap Heroes gems from weekly quests

How to get equipment

Giving heroes equipment is one of the many ways to increase their power and stats.

Farming some new equipment can, therefore, help your team if you’re stuck at a specific stage.

The lower the grade of equipment, the more common it is to find.

There are ways to obtain higher grade equipment in the game, which you’ll need later on.

The easiest way to get new equipment in the game is by beating stages and claiming idle rewards.

By simply playing the game, you’ll quickly get a bunch of low-grade equipment pieces.

Once you’ve gathered a lot, you can upgrade them to better pieces of equipment by combining copies of the same item in the Blacksmith.

The only other cost besides the copies of the equipment is gold.

Lastly, you can purchase high rarity equipment in various shops in the game, including the regular Market and the Guild Shop.

Taptap Heroes equipment from blacksmith

That’s everything you need to know about the most common resources in Taptap Heroes, as well as how to get each one of them.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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