5 Awesome Parkour Creative Map Codes In Fortnite

5 Awesome Parkour Creative Map Codes In Fortnite

Parkour courses always seem to emerge in any game with custom maps. Fortnite is no different, with the introduction of the creative mode, several parkour maps have been created. This list contains 5 awesome parkour courses made by the community, the following maps are featured

Space Parkour

This first parkour course is set in space, filled with cosmic elements, stars and more. The objective of this creative map is to reach new heights by jumping on blocks of ice floating in space. But be careful! it isn’t always as easy to land on ice as you think. Fortnite user Highpoxia has created this parkour course map.

Creative Code: 1986-0450-3000

Fortnite space parkour map
Fortnite parkour space creative map code

Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0

The deathrun maps made by popular Fortnite creator Cizzorz have always been a hit among the community. These parkour maps are very challenging, but comes with a promise of a hefty sum of cash to the player finishing the course the fastest. Therefore, tons of players are trying to complete this map as fast as possible. Fortnite user Cizzors has created this map.

Creative Code: 4043-5793-6999

Fortnite cizzors deathrun 3.0 screenshot
Fortnite cizzors deathrun 3.0 code in creative mode

Impossible Ascension

This beautiful parkour map is filled with flashy colors and music notes. Try to make your way through this map of sound if you have the skills. Fortnite user Edgeapollyon has created this map.

Creative Code: 6361-1958-7130

Fortnite parkour map in creative mode code
Fortnite impossible ascension parkour map screenshot

Cryptic Caverns Parkour

Inside this cavern located in a snowy landscape your mission is to complete small parkour tasks to collect coins. This map is a great parkour maps for beginners wanting to try out some parkour but keep on dying on the harder maps. Fortnite user x has created this parkour course.

Creative Code: 7770-9539-5964

Fortnite creative mode coin screenshot
Fortnite screenshot parkour map creative code

Steves Ultimate Slide Run

If you seek some fast action parkour, then this slide run is just right for you. It features an obstacle course that requires you to jump at the exact right time to avoid traps and make it to the other side. You will have a freezer on you at all times during the run. Fortnite user x has made this parkour slide run.

Creative Code: 4460-2685-8439

Fortnite freezer deathrun parkour course screenshot
Fortnite bouncer in parkour course creative map

Vacation Parkour V2

Enjoy a nice relaxing time in Vacation Parkour V2. This map takes place in a tropical paradise next to and at the beach. Depending on how well you do, it might not be as relaxing as the name might suggest. Fortnite user BrysonBH0503 has created this parkour map.

Creative Code: 7791-1497-3884

Vacation Parkour V2 map code Fortnite

Water Parkour: Beach Edition

Another great parkour map that takes place in a tropical environment. This map includes a bunch of fun and cool obstacles to overcome. Are you up for the challenge? then try out this map. Fortnite user ItsMeKeeeawan has created this parkour course.

Creative Code: 0852-1961-8735

Water Parkour Beach Edition map code Fortnite

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